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He was my best friend 

since I was little kid 

always play with me, 

the flashback memory 

still, come back to me 

every time. 

Why I keep on crying nonstop? 

We used to watch a movie together 

teach me to play the game 

I never played before, 

we used to go to a restaurant 

to eat dinner together with my family 

I never this going to happen. 

Could I just stop thinking about him? 

He is my best friend for so long 

the news of him dying 

its teardrop down on my face, 

I’m going to miss you a lot 

you're always going to be in my heart 

I remember the day we play ticktacktoe, 

we used to talk with each other and laugh

you still be in a special place in my heart 

you’re always my best friend and always will be. 

Is this a nightmare?

I thought it the end of my best friend 

This is a truth he's going to die soon 

I couldn’t believe it, 

you be always in my heart 

forever and always I never 

know the fact I won’t see you again. 

Wouldn’t I find another best friend? 

Nobody just like him 

he is one of a kind person 

there nobody else says to me don’t cry 

I would be your best friend, I’m always here for you”. 

Could anybody say that to me? 

My boyfriend never say that to me 

I feel hopeless there nothing to believe in 

I never thought I’m going to say this, 

don’t get me wrong I love my life 

I know I’m surrounding a lot of love 

from everybody including family and my loved one.  

Could I stop thinking of demise? 

I have to stay strong 

I couldn’t stop thinking about my best friend nonstop, 

I’m like myself at all my head is 

everything about my best friend 

someday I would be healed by my lover. 


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