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Long time ago there lived two penpals one was a princess and the other one was a commoner, the princess was one of the most beatiful princesses in the whole kingdom her name was Tatiana, the commoner was for the down town areas and his name was Leo, One day the commoner was on his Facebook page he found a rear name he sent a friend request she accepted the request and the next day the commoner found out that the Princess had accepted his request and they started bysending greatings
Leo said "hello how are you?" The Princess replayed,  they started knowing each other and they fell in love. But one day the Princess' mother found out that the princess was dating a Commoner from the down town, they stopped the Princess from dating the commoner but the Princess did not stop she continue but every evening she used to delete the conversation they had talked about and the mother did not find out, one day came a war out brake and they never talked but after seven years and the war had ended the commoner was one of the richest 
men in the world but he had no wife and had hope that he can meet his lovely one.  After a month the commoner meet the prin cess and they got marriaged they gave birh to  four(4) children and they continued with there love story in a good life.
By Roman Kafuuma 


  • May 07, 2020

  • Kafuuma Roman

    Kafuuma Roman

    the best

    May 08, 2020

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