The Untold Words!!!!! Read Count : 48

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It was the day when all the petals in
Rose started to fall off!
Yeah!The day when he said breakup to her;
Alike the thorns,
It pained her!

The girl having a lot of conversation,
but she fails!
Tears like diamond had fallen!
Along with,a fake smile accompanied in her account!

She,who is talkative, felt quited!
Her quiteness made everyone to see
Her with a different eyes!
She knows that it wasn't her nature!
Being like a candy ,she wanted her sweetness with her;
She agained turned the coin !

It is  crystal clear,they both gived up for their parents!
She wants to build up her career with a 
New lifestyle!
She turned the page of her life
Towards studies!

Though,she changed her life
The memories given by him are like wave!
It never stops; 
Days passed by,
They again changed to friends!

Don't know what the play God is 
Rolling on him!
With the fear, that again a bee will bite her,
She refused to talk!

One day,when he stepped to his home
After few years,
They met each other without expectations!
She,who continues her way!
He started kidding her!

When she look at him,
She screamed with high beats in her heart!
There was an untold words in their eyes!
There is a transistor in their heart!
Current passed in their veins!
Both again,proposed 
The day was her birthday!

With lots of love,hard work and perseverance!
They both attained a good rank in their career!
With their holding hands,
There is an untold words with them;
Parents were convinced!

Bearing all the pain,
They succeeded in their life!
Not only as lovers,
But also,to their parents!

Still,the word in their heart is untold!
The day was a wedding day!
And finally,it is told!

If they hadn't decided to breakup;
They wouldn't achieve their position in life!
A good position;
A good career!
A good partner!
Now, their life is beautiful!



  • May 07, 2020

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