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A long time ago this little boy named AJ got a puppy for his birthday. He was turning 5 and his parents got him a little Jack Russell. The puppy was just old enough to leave his mum and it was the most exciting day of his life. 

AJ made a best friend for life when Charlie came into his life. They did everything together. They went on walks and swam in the crick together in the summertime. In the winter they both rolled around in the snow and when the weather was cold & rainy they hung out inside together. They also slept in the same room together because Charlie never left his side no matter what. 

When AJ went to school in the morning Charlie went outside with him till the bus came to pick him up. When he came home from school Charlie was there to greet and jump all over him and run in circles. 

About a year had past and one day Charlie chased a rabbit out of site and he didn't come back for hours n hours. AJ was sad and worried and he thought that his best pal was gone forever. AJ couldn't help but to hide in his room and cry for Charlie to come home. He folded his hands and begged God to bring him home safe. AJs mom and dad drove around town yelling out the window hoping they would find AJs furry friend but they didn't. It started to get dark but still no sign of Charlie. It was getting late but AJ couldn't sleep no matter what. Then he heard a dog barking outside the window and when he sprung up from his bed and looked out, Charlie had come home. AJ darted down the stairs and out the door to get Charlie and hugged him with tears gushing from his eyes. After that Charlie never ran away again. 

As time went on, AJ began to grow older and so did Charlie. AJ was making friends with other kids and spent less and less time with Charlie. When AJ was 12 he had a  few friends over to visit and Charlie wanted attention. He was ignoring him while Charlie began to cry for attention and he yelled at him and told his furry friend to go away. Charlie was sad and walked away. Later that day AJ felt bad about what he said. How could he yell at his best pal like that? 

In the years to come, AJ finished school and went off to college. Charlie was getting up there in years too and he wasn't the frisky little pup he once was. When AJ came home from college on the holidays, Charlie was always there to greet him. He wasn't full of energy like he was but he was still happy to see AJ. Charlie couldn't get around like he once had and AJ would have to carefully picked him up to cuddle him in his arms. 

The next year Charlie became very sick. He could barely eat or move around like he used to. AJ was away in his last year of college when Charlie took his last breath. AJs mom and dad waited to tell him that Charlie had passed away till he came home again. They didn't want AJ to be anymore sadder than he would already be. 

His parents took Charlie's body and buried him in the backyard behind the garden. They were also sad about the loss of their furry friend because they grew to love Charlie also.

When AJ came to visit a few weeks later for Thanksgiving his parents broke the news to him and he broke down to tears. AJ was so upset about losing his best friend and it was the hardest day of his life. Ever since this happened AJ would sit next to burial sight and talk to Charlie when he would visit his parents. He remembered all the good times they had together and the memories would always be with him no matter how much time passed. The had a true friendship like no other boy and his dog.

         I hope you liked my children's story.

                  By JJ Hancock 🏃‍♂️🐕


  • May 07, 2020

  • J that's amazingly beautiful! Nice work son! ❤

    May 07, 2020

  • May 07, 2020

  • May 07, 2020

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