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In the wake of this new viral explosion Georgia’s death has dramatically climbed on the backs of their governor and our nation’s president. With his words of wisdom and contrived emotion he pressed our state leaders to open up the economy Emphasising-virtually guaranteeing a restoration of our world-leading economy, while our health science experts repeated often and emphatically without testing we would facing rising deaths and worse unemployment. As usual the experts were correct. While many states  pressed forward to open up-countless millions of our citizens stayed the course and stayed away for their own protection as well  as as others. They listened and followed the experts. The death rate is rising as is the rate of unemployment. As is his pattern- our president ignored the experts  to enhance his political position.The majority of our citizens were not sacrificed and at some point - perhaps disasterly late to these millions of citizens will have shown an element of leadership absent in our nations leader and others.


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