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(The screen switches to Kanisha running through the paris)

(A guitar is playing)

(Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail)

(Kanisha fighting a wrestler)

(Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods)

(Kanisha is riding a dragon)

(Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground)

(Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera)

(The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair)

(The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling)

(The episode shows Kanisha waking up in her bed with messy hair, wearing a pink pajamas that has pictures of cookies and blinks her eyes, then looks at the window)

Kanisha (vision clear) (sees a bird by her window): Another beautiful day (stretches her arms and jumps out of bed)

(Kanisha runs to the window, opens the window nice and slow and a bird flies onto her finger)

Kanisha (with a bird on her finger) (smiles): Hello, birdy, how are you?

Birdy: Nice, but I barely could find any worms to feed my children.

(Kanisha's eyes glow, then a ball of worms appear)

Birdy (smiles at the worm, then looks at Kanisha): Such a nice girl.

(Kanisha smiles)

(Then screen switches to the bird flying, while holding a green bag full of worms)

(Kanisha waves goodbye to the bird with a smile)

(The screen shows Kanisha in front of her mirror that is attached to the wall, she is brushing her hair, and her mirror self is shown doing the same)

(Kanisha puts her brush down, seeing her hair is straight, then she snaps her finger, and her bed is made up. She walks into the closet and closes the door)

(The screen switches to Kanisha wearing a purple shirt, blue pants, and black shoes and walks out of her room)

(Kanisha spins around the place and opens the door)

(In front of the door is Lia: a girl who has long curly pink hair, glasses, wearing a white dress and heels)

Lia (looking at Kanisha): Kanisha, you seem cheerful.

Kanisha (smiles): Thank you.

(The screen switches to Lia and Kanisha walking on the sidewalk)

Lia: How're your powers?

Kanisha (thumbs up and wink): Good.

Lia: Fantastic, before you were so worried about controlling them.

Kanisha: Yeah, but not anymore, so let's go to school

Lia: Alright (runs) try and keep up

(Kanisha laughs, then runs past Lia, turns the corner, while running notice Lia isn't behind her, so she goes backwards and sees Lia leaning against a pole)

Kanisha: Sorry, I left you behind again.

Lia: I'm getting used to it, but that isn't why I'm leaning against this wall.

(A person who has long brown hair wearing a blue cap, red shirt, blue pants and white shoes riding a bike past by, Lia snatches something that isn't by the camera at the moment)

(The screen reveals Lia is holding a box)

Kanisha (with sparkles in her eyes): Is it what I think it is?

(Lia nodded, then she reveals that inside the box is manga with two boys holding swords, side by side)

(Kanisha smiles)

Lia (closes the box and gives it to Kanisha): Happy birthday (bows) My friend 

(Kanisha hugs Lia, while her tail is holding the box and jumps with a smile on her face)

Lia (still being held by Kanisha): Glad, you like it, I heard you are a big fan of this manga, but couldn't find the whole collection.

Kanisha: You are the best. We should go, the bell is about to ring (speeds into the school)

(The screen switches to Kanisha in the gym by Lia with dodgeballs flying from all over and students knocking each other out)

(Kanisha dodges all the balls and Lia catches them and throws it at many students)

(The screen shows Kanisha and Lia looking at each other being the only one left in the game)

Lia (throws the ball to Kanisha, and Kanisha catches it): Hit me.

Kanisha (holding the ball): Why do you always let me win?

Lia: Because I...I hate fighting you.

(Kanisha shrug her shoulder and throws a ball at Lia, then Lia falls on the floor)

Kanisha (on her knees by Lia): Want a smoothie?

Lia: (sits up) Sure, why not?

(The screen shows Kanisha and Lia drinking smoothie and then she sees Jay: a boy who has brown spiky hair, wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes riding a skateboard with a helmet on)

Jay: (stops skateboarding) (looks at Kanisha and Lia) Skipping again.

Kanisha (stops drinking) (looks at Jay): I could say the same about you.

Jay: Guess you got me.

Lia (looks at her phone): We should head back, our science Class will be starting.

Kanisha: got it (takes Jay and Lia's hand, then speeds to the school looking like a colorful blur)

(The screen switches to a classroom with Jay, Lia, and Kanisha with fake smiles sitting in their desks)

(The teacher has long curly blonde hair, glasses, a flower barrette, short pink dress, and pink heels looking at a clipboard. Her name is Ms. K)

Ms. K: Kanisha Blue.

Kanisha (making a cherry flying): Here (eats the cherry)

Ms. K: Lia Weller 

Lia (playing an Nintendo DS): Here.

Ms. K: Jay Q.

Jay: Sup, everybody I'm present for science class.

Ms. K (with an annoyed look on her face): Just here is fine.

(The screen shows Ms. K pointing to a chalkboard, the chalkboard shows list of steps)

Ms. K: Everybody get a partner, the partner will get a map, and you will go on a trip around the other science classes on the map, in these classes you must find a paper pinned to the wall that has facts about science.

A girl who has red hair, freckles (waving her hand): Excuse me 

Ms. K (curious): Yes, Kite.

A girl who has red hair, freckles: Is it only two people allowed or can we have more?

Ms. K (seeming more annoyed): I said partner, not partners (looks at Kanisha) and I don't want any trouble, got it?

(Kanisha smiles and gives a thumbs up along with a wink)

Kanisha (between Lia and Jay): Well I guess I have to choose between you two.

(Lia moves Jay, put Kanisha close to her with her arm around her waist, with Jay on the floor)

Kanisha: Guess I'm spoken for.

Ms. K (moves Lia and Kanisha): Nope (throws Kanisha on Jay) You two are together (looks at Lia) You go with  Rebecca (points to a girl who has curly red hair, wearing a yellow dress and heels)

Lia (gives a cold look at Rebecca): Fine.

Mrs. K: And I'll be watching you.

(The screen goes to Lia and Rebecca along with Kanisha and Jay walking in the hallway with lots of students)

(Rebecca waves at Kanisha)

(Kanisha walks backwards to Rebecca, with Jay following her)

Kanisha: Yes.

Rebecca: Question, do you like having mutant powers?

Kanisha: Are you kidding? (Jumps in the sky) I love it!

(Mrs. K clears her throat, so Kanisha flies down, and continues walking by Rebecca)

(Rebecca shows Kanisha pictures of her saving many people with her powers)

(The episode ends with Kanisha talking to Rebecca, but there is no sound and Mrs. K is watching them)


  • May 07, 2020

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