The Price Of Sacrifice (An Open Letter ) Read Count : 20

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To Mr.Trump and Mr. Christie, I want to thank you both for putting me on your “ warrior “ list along with the 3,000 other citizens that are projected to die each day based on your economic priority ( as well your political one). In so many words you indicated our lives were expendable ,didn’t count at all. I wonder if you had a loved one on that list , would your presentation be the same. We’re not talking about IwoJima or Normandy. Our enemy is much more elusive as well exceedingly more dangerous. Your cavalier statements are an insult to humanity and a blatant disregard for human  life. Your conscience will have the last word no matter how you rationalize. Have a great day.


  • Tonia Cox

    Tonia Cox

    That would be a bit difficult since there is no conscientiousness residing there.

    May 06, 2020

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