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   Across the United States, people are wearing masks and face coverings to protect from the coronavirus subbed Covid 19. Is this effective though and where do we draw the lines? To first understand the answers to these questions we must first discuss the CDC recommendations for these masks. The answer isn't just simple as you would like.
  The CDC states a mask is highly recommended to people with health problems, who are high-risk, or who may have already contracted the duties for another flu-like illness. Healthy people with strong immune systems do not need to necessarily wear masks. A lot has not known about the disease yet, but with all uncertain things come answers later on. If you fit in one of these three categories, it is recommended you wear a mask. If not, it comes down to your choice whether or not to wear a mask. So how do you make this decision questionmark
   A mask can help smother a cloth, but in between the weaves air passes through. It can gradually decrease the risk, but this does not mean it fully protect you from the virus. If it comes in contact with your skin, or even possibly your clothes you could be constantly exposed. The best choice you can make to protect yourself is to try to protect your hands, if you don't have gloves use the sleeves of your shirt if you're wearing a long-sleeved type. I would recommend this, because it protects your arms and the majority of your body gradually. If a person coughs, it is likely going to be in the direction of something you pick up. If you feel ill, don't go out into public unless you have to and always cough into an elbow if not wearing a mask. This is the basics 101 disease protection protocol that we should all follow.
    I am already troubled by people crowding around. Respect your distance, this was the normal consideration that should be given to all people at all times. Don't cut in front of people, don't block people out, and apologized if you accidentally move into somebody's way or get too close to them. It's basic respect oh, and something that I noticed this country's citizens have been lacking of late. The disease is still here, it's real so try to respect people.
   Mandatory states are wear it gets more complicated. Why do some states have mandatory rules set into place? To start with, there are only seven states with mandatory rules. Among these, most of them are bordered near the ocean on the east coast of the US. This is where it hit early on, and was a widespread due to the population and travel of immigrants and citizens overseas we're many places had already contracted the disease. It hit widespread due to the large population in the slow reaction and response by the Trump Administration.
   This means, people challenging you to wear a mask may or may not be able to make decisions for you. Yes, you do affect other people but it is your right. Remember though, that your actions do and can affect other people. Also to those people harassing others to wear masks, keep in mind some of those people may have respiratory issues that make it difficult to breathe while wearing one. Complaining or attacking those people in locations of a confirmed low Covid 19 count causes unnescessary stress and panic. There is no excuse for poor behaviour for either side's response.


  • May 06, 2020

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