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God Open True Hearts

This a Group for those who feel out place or think they do not belong no where.

Few rules that will be set. Must be followed..

Respect first an foremost always!
Conduct of misuse of behavior will not be tolerated!
(No outbursts,  No rudeness,  No  mercilous gossip of any kind.)
Treat all as equal individual!

Will be nothing but unconditional support for one another! 

We all are going through different issues, or maybe some of same issues,  maybe different circumstances,  different types of lives an different type of self inner problems or same self-inner problems. We all can relate one way or another in more ways then one. We are all normal human beings can understand or want to understand. We all do an will understand eachother; get know eachother. Support eachother in emotional way that is needed. Love eachother as individual we are. 

Make this best group for issues help in eachother.  Know that one person is not alone,  not feeling alone in time of need,  someone is always here to listen. When need advice,  we hear,  we are here for one another in time of need an support.

One thing that we all agree on is God or Higher Power is there with you or with us. Prayer is powerful help in a bind, God or Higher Power hears from our minds or mouth. He always in our or your heart. Understand our or your pain through tough times. No matter if it is emotional, spiritual, physical or mental issues of the individual pain an heartache or struggles we face. God or Higher power is always with us in our hearts an lives; as long as we believe.

Nothing in this world is not possible as long we believe, in our selves, it is possible with God or Higher Power in our lives. Willing to do the footwork, practice what is positive in our lives,  be thankful for good things; not give up on ourselves. Not to ponder on the past, not stay in same cycle of patterns to repeat in da ja vu tunnel of life. Nor Salk in past of hurts or dwell from the hurts of life. To keep pushing through that "dark place" so many of us fall too, an stay at. There is "Hope, Faith, an Love" in each an everyone of us; to "Help get through the day."

Even if it "Baby Steps!" If need take it "min by min" or "hour by hour" to make it through the day. "So be it!" So much can change in "blink of an eye." 

Do your self a task; when wake up think of one goal to complete in that day. (Start out with small goal) Whatever it maybe, try to complete it. If do not, do not get discouraged or get down on yourself. Try again tomorrow. Not about how fast you complete it. You will complete it eventually. "Never give up!" Once you do complete it,  reward your self to something. (Goal can be physical, emotional,  mental or spiritual) (reward can be anything to pamper yourself to shopping for something you want)
Example for me: Goal is to finish one thing on my list of to do things, for each individual day. Or emotionally; "I will not put myself down today."  My reward completing: buy myself book or type of clothing.

Always be thankful for something in yourself or for something you have.
Example for me: "I am thankful for waking up everyday." And "Thankful for having roof over my head." 

4 levels of "Baby Steps"

One Small goal to lead up to, 
Two goals to lead up to, 
Three goals to lead up to, 
Final goals towards the big picture of individual dream goal one day.

Goal to reach final goal of bigger picture of each individual goal. Everyone build up to that dream life goal. Never to late! 
Do not let anyone tell you any different.
Independent,  Strong,  Will power,  Determination,  an Wisdom get anyone through anything. Always stay positive!
Do not let Negative in! Specially when others can tare us down. But know yourself to know you do not have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. "You do you!" "Love you or Hate you- you know who you are! Stay who you are, if you love your self, way you are!"

Life challenge can be overbearing at times, experiences an life events can be horrible an degrading at times. But to over come all challenges in your life. Break through the berriers an walls an obstacles. "Blessing at the end!" Will surely be worth the happiness you as individual will deserve. 

"Always be truthful an loyal to yourself,  an to ones stay in your life thru all of it." Get you along ways in life. 

 Learn, to tell or write your personal experiences an share with others. Can make, to inspiring others to realize no one is alone even when person feel like it. Go in "dark place" as I call it.(each person has there own name for it)

"Do not worry about the past,  it is dead an gone. Do not worry about tomorrow it is not here yet. Only worry about today,  because it only thing right here an now."

What our purpose is? "In time what not ment to be understood right now,  when  it is to be understood at the right time,  will be for each individual, an will be understood on there own each individual time an place in life."

"Life stumble an falls, how we choose to 
Deal with it is what makes out final outcome."

"If some thing does not happen person been waiting for to happen. Always reason it did not happen. Was not ment to be,  an different thing was chosen for that person has not been discovered yet an one day better things come to that person path."

"Do not feed into the situation or drama. Person you were an person you are now. Is not person you become one day."

"Life is like roller coaster, up an downs an flips upside down or flips right side up,  one day it will stop an plus it will be benefited in one way or another."

"One good deed at a time, "pay it forward"  as they say,  can go a long way."

"Blessed it be, Heart can grow fonder."

"Unconditional love is much needed in all people hearts."

"Show kindness, with big smile is all people need to see sometimes make there day."

"Speak your mind with niceness as you tell your opinion, so you are not misunderstood."

"Write the words as if you were to speak,  stay in silence of your thought's, until the day you are  ready to share them."

"Words on paper are endless,  speech can be deceiving,  let your mind an thought's be. Thinking an doing are two different things."

People do react to different situations differently. We are only human, humans make mistakes. "Mistake something you do once or twice." After that becomes a "excuse of life" people do not like take blame for themselves very often. When they do seem to be to late for them. "Rise above all pettiness" an accept that all things happen for reason. Good or bad!

If it is bad,  seem like a endless rutt. Then it means that it only will make you stronger. To put a different prospective on things. "Put your self in some one elses shoe's"  encourage them to understand your point of view.

When people can not understand, sometimes better just walk away. Then to start a battle. For at times it is not worth the fight. Or "open can worms,  that should never been opened in first place."

"Cold heart draws unwanted debre, as warm heart can draw contentment,  hot heart can draw happiness to the individual love of person life."

"Always trust the instinct of me, my-self,  an I."

"Avoid all situations, when you know it not good for yourself, that how you can avoid situation you should not be apart of in first place. You can avoid the wrong place at wrong time."

"Group of friends; do not make you cool or accepted. It the Friends that will be there with you thru thick an thin, until the end as you grow old an die."

"Self critism is to not be mean or to be- little someone,  it to help self strength to make you a better person."

"Reach one goal at time is to reach big picture in the future."

"Struggles faced from the past an right now in front of me, will one day be far away nightmare."

"Scars are in my flesh or in my soul or in my heart,  they always heal to never forget I survived through it."

Lessons of life teaches us,  that no matter what we all need to go out make our life; "life does not wait for us, we have make our life an live it,  find what make each individual person happy." Happiness can  be emotion...last for so long. Then poof can flee from our lives. But to embrace the moments of happiness of spacific time an place an people in our lifes. What truely matters!

With God or Higher Power,  can give that emotion of be person with happiness in there heart even through all ruff patches in our lives. Keep facing the world of ugliness we all face day to day. Life struggles of negative world we all live in today. Just think one day all ones who stood because of truth an loyality. We all make difference stood together an encouraged eachother that ok to be different. It ok to stand up an support eachother, got thru the hardships of these situations an circumstances of this life. One day we be up on stage of glory. Raising an writing or speaking about our experiances. Thanking all ones that helped eachother through hardships. 
"We all be somebody,  instead of nobody!"


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