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There is so many different “Angels.”

After time of research, Meanings an Names.

Symbolics of different repersents of each angel.

From Bibical to Astrol to everday emotions,

even days of the week are very useful in life.

Many questions or even those who don't believe,

that many “Angels” exist.

That is for each individual to decide?

Shemyaza is another for of Azazel;

is said by Enoch.

Shemyaza taught humans to use magic art of enchantments.

Basically Alchemy.

Armaros taught banishing of enchantments;

He is also known as Enoch friend.

Armaros came to love humans on Earth.

Enoch described Armaros as Grigori or “Watcher”

Baraqijal taught Astrology;

During the days of Jared or Yered.

His name means “lighting of God.”

Kokabiel was considered “angel of the stars.”

Knowledge of the constellations.

Also known as Astrology,

to his associates.

Book of Enoch translated “star of God.”

Kokabiel is said to command an Army of 365,000 spirits.

Chazaquiel meaning is “cloud of God.”

Knowledge of the clouds an the sky.

(weather lore an divination)


Chazaquiel is Angel “shooting star of God.”

Shamsiel taught signs of the sun.

(solor mysteries)

Shamsiel said to lead 365 legions of lesser angels in the Zohar.

Was assigned by God to guard “Garden of Eden.”

After Adam an Eve were expelled from “Garden of Eden.”

Shamsiel still regarded as ruler of the fourth Heaven.

His name means “Sun of God.”

(Shamash the Babylonian sun of god share some 

mythological basis with shamsiel)

(comparable to cherubim)

Seriel is known as one of Seven Holy Angels,

Who is “of eternity an trembling.”

Taught signs of the moon.

The lunar cycles used in Horticuture an Agriculture 

an the Esoteric lunar mysteries.

Meaning “Prince of God” “God's Prince.'

According to Kabbalistic lore, who are one of seven angels of the Earth.

Origen identified him as primordial powers.

Gnosticism, Seriel invoked for his protective powers.

(He is commemorated in the calender of the coptic orthodox church on

27 Tobi in coptic calender)

(Dead Sea Scrolls translation)

Sent by God to teach Hygiene to Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha.

Penemue instructed humans in the art of writing an reading.

Language arts.

Also associated with Abraxiel.

Penemue “the inside”

(curer of stupidity of man, mentioned in Bereshith Rabba)

Order of healing angels called: “Labbim.”

Penemue is the angel's equivalent of Prometheus.

Kashdejan taught the diagnosis an healing of disease 

an the science of medicene.

Healer of physical sicknesses.

Azazel is known for whole Earth becoming corrupted through his works

that was taught by him.

“All Sin” (Chief Grigori)

Group of fallen angels who married women.

Rebellious watcher in time preceding the flood.

Azazel taught art of warfare,

making swords, knives, sheilds, coats of armor.


Azezel also taught women art of deception by ornamenting body,

hair dye, make-up, eyebrows.

Revealed secrets of witchcraft an corrupted manners,

lead to wickedness;

impurity until at last he was.

(prostitute one's talent)

Teaching Witchery.

Yahweh's command,

bound hand an feet,

by arch angel Raphael.

An chained to rough an jagged rocks of Dudael.

Where he is abide in utter darkness until,

great “Day of judgement.”

When he will be cast into the fire to be consumed forever.

(one chief Grigor Group)

Enoch; “The giants whose brothers were the fallen Angels.”

Grigori or “Watchers”

Bibical term.

Apocryphal Books of Enoch,

Good an Bad watchers.

Primary focus,

“Rebellious One's.”

Nine orders of Angels:

Seraphim: Highest order of the Hierarcy of angels.

Cherubim: Second Highest Powerful an Majestic creatures,

who surround God's throne.

Also depicted on the ark of the covenant as it's Gaurdians.

Also Guard “Garden of Eden” 

after the expulsion of Adam an Eve,

to protect the “Tree of Life.”

(Genesis 24)

Thrones: Third Rank “ Whees an the many-eyed ones.”

These angels deployed like charioteers around the 

throne of God.

(Ezekeil 1:13-19)

Dominions: fourth rank “Order of Gauardian” angels,

decide the success or failure of nations.

Vitures: fifth rank “the brilliant or shining ones.”

Angels of miracles, encouragement an blessings.

(represented in a group)

Powers: sixth rank “responable for maintaining the border”

between Heaven an Earth.

Powers credited as being “the first order” of angels,

created by God.

Principalities or Princes: seventh rank “Principalities considered to be 

gaurdians over the nations an leaders of the world.”


“Given more freedom to act than lesser angels below them.


Responsible “carry out devine acts concerning area of 

jurisdiction” military.

(Soliders uniforms)

Arch-Angels: eighth rank “Michael highest rank warring angel”

In God's Heavenly host.

“He plays a special role in the end time.

(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

(Jude 1:6) (Jude 1:9)

(Revelation 12:7)

Gabriel: Highest rank messenger,

Who brought special messages to Daniel.

(Daniel 8: 16, Daniel 9:21)

(Luke 1:19) (Luke 1:30)

Gaurdian Angels: Last order of angels.

Ministering angels sent to Minster.

(Preach an Teach)

(Hebrews 1:14)

Lowest categories in Hierarcy.

Interact with man an woman in course of daily life.

Linger in visible form,

Responsibilty for well-being of individuals in trouble,

Guarding them from harm,

Offering them sustenance or leading them out of danger.

Nowadays; they are still busy ministering to us.

Here are the Seven Arch-Angels:

Michael: Sunday

Gabriel: Monday

Raphael: Tuesday

Uriel: Wednesday

Selaphiel: Thursday

Raguel or Jegudiel: Friday

Barachiel: Saturday

Beneath the mandorla of Christ Emmanuel

are representations of Cherubim (Blue)

an Seraphim (Red)

Fallen Angels:

Beelzebub “Prince of Demons.”

Behemoth “Demon of the deep.”

Beleth “Terrible King over 85 legions.”

Belial “Without worth” (deceptively beautiful)


Abrahamic Religions often depict “Angels”

as benevolent celestial beings.

Who act as intermediories between,

God (Heaven) an Humanity (Earth).

Other's; Protect, Guide human beings carry out tasks on 

behalf of God.

15 arch-angels:

Ariel-Lioness of God.

(Mountain Gazelle)

Azrael-Whom God helps

(separates the soul from the body at death)

Chamuel-He who sees God.

(Peaceful relationships)

Gabriel-Strength of God.

(Messenger power)

Haniel-Grace of God.


Haniel-associated with planet venus.



Jeremiel-Mercy of God.s

(God's Mercy)

Jeremiel- Visions an Dreams

(Wisdom, Understanding, Judgement)

Jophiel-Beauty of God. (Female)

Metatron-Highest of Angels.


Michael-He who is like God.


(Daniel 10:13)

“Chief Prince”

Fights evil with the power of good.

Raguel-Friend of God.

(intimate with God)

Raphael-God Heals

(Hebrew”Healing of the Lord.”)

Leader within Group of angels know as Princepalities.

Responable for healing in traditions of most abrahamic religions.

Raziel-Secrets of God.

“Keeper of secrets'” “Angel of mystery.”

(Holy secrets reveal by God with only his permission)

Sandalphon-Higest of Angels (twin)

Co-brother spiritual to Matatron.

(II Esdras 4)

Uriel-” Lght of God”

(one of four chief angels in jewish apocryphal writings)

Zadkiel-Righteousness of God.

(Rightneous conduct)

Benevolence freedom..Malicious clowder

(Hell of  Patriots)

Quality of state patron Angel of all who forgives,

Heaven: Higher impulses to be implanted on Earth.

Earth; lower plains of manifestation, the body.

Helps to review there earthly life.

Jeremeel: Angel of Death

Escorts souls from Earth to Heaven.

Communicate hopeful messages from God,

To people who are discouraged or troubled to break 

down that obsticle; keep pushing forward in time.

Here an Now is what in front of us,

If Angels do assist more than we think in life.

More of blessings then less of distractions in to sin.

Think of it like this,

Dark water: Sin, Distruction causes to the world.

Light Water: God's merciful in interventions to help people.

(2 Barach 73:1-4) (2 Esdras 4:36-37.)

(Enoch 21:3) (2 Esdr:as 4:10-11 ) (2 Esdra 4:52)

Is it true that biblical times from past to present,

are taking effect an warping to 

“Here an Now”

History being made for future?

Or is as we knew an know,

goin to be erased in time?

All of humanity leaves words, of testimonies.

Makes a difference; stand together,

is what leaves a mark on future tales an stories,

that be seen an be told.


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