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As I was waiting for my turn to meet my Orthopaedic doctor, I could hear someone weeping, there was this pregnant women who was seated next to me she was in her mid thirties maybe, she was crying continuously, beside her was a man Must be the husband Not talking a single word or consoling her, (1 dont know whats the issue, so I can't start blaming him or assuming he did something to her) She was Yelling at him, I couldn't help but hear (she was telling him do u need the money back, I can Give u soon)

These were the word's I heard, still can't com to a conclusion what was the matter or who's mistake it was or why is she Crying..! As couple of minutes passed her tears slowed down, I was jus scrolling my Insta Page, and noticed she was looking at my fone, jus seeing the pictures I was scrolling..! So that time I thought of something..! I wanted to show her something that would or might change her mood, without making it obvious that, I was doing that just for her,

So I looked at her for a secound and she turned her face I just tilted my fone And typed babies on my Instagram, I again tilted the fone slightly towards her side And started scrolling all the pictures again, she din see immediately and after few seconds

then she glances, I was scrolling one picture at a time for the next 10 min as she was lost in the pictures, So lovely those babies are, I myself got lost in those pictures and then comes my turn to meet my doctor so I just got up and left

It should be about the smallest things each person can do to a stranger to make them feel happy...

Spreading happiness can make you happy.

-Hemanth kiran


  • It was good, super sweet and makes me feel good that love is being shared everywhere!

    May 06, 2020

  • Hemanth  Kiran

    Hemanth Kiran


    May 06, 2020

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