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Well here we again on that fail mission, on the hunt to get a blast, don't need NO permission. Boot loaded with my demo, the depths of my lows Im stil yet learning, for steer thought of getting high leaves my veins burning, and my hair squriming for I wil be facing my fears, demons, weakness along this journey. Feels like there's no reason fpr me to stop. All that matters is hearing my skin pop, that thick 50is all it takes, straight to my head. Feel my eyes close, and my hands begin to shake. Throw .6 in my cap, break it dowm, now here's the trap. Pull 20 units of water, up in my my rig, just enough to make it fel real nice, that's the gig. Dog walk my bubble til it reaches the top, now its the moment I ben waiting for, because of this I just can't stop. I tie off my arm, and decide what vein to strike,as I fel my heart rate begin to spike. What's truly ill is actually, it's one of my biggest fears, sometimes it's so hard for me to accomplish it brings me to tears, as I pop thru the skin, and then thru the vein, register my blood, that rush alone is like getting hit by a train. It takes me thru the pain, and I slam it home, the beast crawls over my shoulder and into my brain. I lay back on my pillow, as my eyes begin to shake. Ride out the mission into oblivion not an escape from life. Just feels like a break, my dick gets har as I lay there melted to the bed. Just catching my breath feels so perfect and yet you know it has to be closer to death, and now you know, where the mission begins, it all really starts with me, deep, deep within. 


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