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She is the dream from which
 I wake up rested in the morning.  
She is the pillow on which I place
 My thoughts every evening.

 She it i's like the wind,
 Sometimes I just feel her heart belongs here. 
 But in the morning she wanders away
 As if she had never wanted to been there.

  I waited for her all my life,
 Even if she won't stay longer than I would like.
 Missing her makes me unhealthy, 
Sometimes I wonder if she remember something. 

  It burns in my heart 
Like the sun burns in the sky,
 It's hard for me to believe 
That I can be what she wants.  

I see her just for a few seconds
 Then she disappears. 
She takes my breath away,
 Butt I'm searching again,
Because I want her in my arms right now.

 It is like the rain,
 It cleaning my inside, 
Making forget about anything.


  • May 06, 2020

  • May 06, 2020

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    May 06, 2020

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