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He lived his life for almost 21years in a prison.He was not a criminal from his past but the 21years in the prison took him to hate everyone.He missed his first love(mom)when he was one month old .He lost his father when he was in the mom's womb,after he got bail he found something new where he would never thought of it,yes he was in love with a pretty lady and she was too impressed by his looks and manners(while he never showed her his real face).He proposed her in dark moon light with a song(she was totaly mad about him)later on they got married and year after they were blessed with a baby girl.(in the year between he was such busy with his contracts where he never showed love to his queen and she left him in tears leaving her princess on his lap).He was totally sad about how much he missed his dearest ones.
After 21years passed. he came from his work wiping his hands which is with blood(saw his little princess crying).With a low voice he asked"what happened my little princess why are you cyring".I couldn't find him since morning,she said 
we were about to tell you about this child ,I got pregnant and he promised he would never leave me alone and now he's not to be seen ,she replied.
His heart wishpers (find the guy and get him to ua little love).can you show  his picture such I can go find him he replies(sees the picture) and sat down in tears again, the person in the picture was the one whom he murdered while ago,where he was on a contract of killing him with a knife
As it was not his fault .where he couldn't get love from anyone but if he had showed love completely it would be totally different for him.

Love not with a criminal mind but with a beautiful heartāœŒ(21years old)
                                -Hassan ali 


  • May 05, 2020

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