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my  name is sally I go to New York City
 high school I am a popular girl this is my home and my best friend is Nicky but for some reason I don’t like being popular I want to be a normal person for once.
The next day 
Sally walked into the bathroom waiting for her friend
“Hi girlfriend what you doin”
“Oh um nothing really”
“Um can you leave me alone for a sec”
“Yeah sure” 
She talked to herself in the mirror saying you are not alone.
She came out of the bathroom...
“Oops sorry for bumping into you”
Sally said “hey watch where your going” 
“oh sorry I shouldn’t have spoke to you like that”
“My name is sally” 
“Wait a second I just noticed something so you want to be me for a day” 
“Yess that is all I’ve been dreaming of ever since I saw you”
“You would look like me with a bit of makeup and fashioning” 
“You are going to a party tonight it is Tashas party this is my friend Nicky do whatever she says” “we can communicate by phone hand me your phone” 
“I dont have a smart phone” 
“Ok plan b we will use AirPods keep them in at all times” 
“I will drive you there now yo have to go over to a boy named Brendon and you have to break up with him” 
“Ok I will 321 go in there now” 
“Hey Brendon my dude”
“Hey who even says dude anymore” 
“Um oh yeah right” 
“Do you like musicals” 
“Yeah especially”
Both: “cats”
“Oh my gosh you know that one” 
“I can’t break up with him”
“he is so cute”
 “it’s my life not yours” 
“Um sally just so you know I don’t want to go to fast in a relationship with you and kiss on the first date”
 “I agree” 
(They kiss)
Sally ran back to the car 
I kissed him 
And did you break up with him 
No I want to go home 
Fine I’ll break up with him tomorrow 
The next day 
I broke up with him and told him the whole thing 
Because I have a crush she sits in front of me in math 
I didn’t want anyone to know 
The next math lesson 
Do you want to go out some time 
As friends I will but I’m not gay though 
Hey that wa really brave here’s my number if you want it we should chat more 
Yeah we should


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