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I want to be loved and I want to be seen I want others to see my dream .I want to shine and stand bright and tall. And I want others to know I wasn't so small .I want to remember all the fun I had when I was young but I don't want those memories to make me sad. I want to succeed and be something in life I want to always be reminded everything will be alright .I want to love harder than ever before but I want my heart to be filled with his love much more. I want to dream and for them to never die and I want to never lose my goals that are so close insight. I want to look back and see myself standing tall I don't want much glory or fame at all, I don't even want others to know my name I want them to see me for me  to look at my story  to know that the pain is what pushed me to glory. I want people to know that your words can hurt and most of all I want people to watch what they say. I want people to be open to me as I was to them and I want them to know that I will always love them I want whoever is reading this to look deep within and find their want that will push them to win.


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