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Natural gas is the key resource of our day-to-day heat consumption. Having the chemical compound stronger and other properties richer, natural gas is in-general the better choice. Let’s discuss why do we go for natural gas over other fuels? What purposes natural gas do preserve much? And what are the advantages of it?

Natural Gas
Natural gas is the first source of fuel gas. The first was discovered by China in about 500 BC. In 1821, the Americans dug well at Fredonia, New York, leading the formation of great Fredonia Gas Light Company. And the first city that municipally ventured natural gas is Philadelphia in 1836.

If you see the records and facts, there are trading billions of natural gasses in recent years. In 2013, almost 700 billion cubic meters of natural gas are traded throughout the whole world. And this whole trade numbers are saying something about its importance and needs in our life.

Other Facts
Natural gas is pure methane (CH4). It is the primary hydrocarbon. Aside from the other fuel gases, it is not a mixture of another series of hydrocarbons. And for being purely methane, the natural gas shows some characteristics unique than others. The characteristics are both chemical and physical. And that’s why they need it. Let’s jump into the advantages of Natural Gas. It will show how some of these characteristics helping it to become the better choice.

Advantages of Natural Gas
As specified by gas ask, a perfect online place for any kind of gas-related quarries, we will discuss the advantages of natural gas here. The site has a brief discussion about the necessary tips and tricks you must learn before choosing your fuel solution for your needs, do’s and do not's to prevent yourself from any kind of misconception regarding it, and the ultimate solution about your gas-related problems.

OK! Let’s see the advantages of Natural Gas.
  • Safety The first advantage of Natural gas is its safety. Natural gas is safer to use than any other fuel gases. By the gas ask, we will know that the specific gravity of LNG is much lower than other fuels like LPG. And the lower specific gravity depicts that, if there is any unfortunate leakage of gases around you, the gas with less index gravity will easily go up in the air. And for this reason, you will be safe from any kind of combustion.
  • Cost-Efficient Unlike the other fuel gases, natural gas is much cheaper. As the unit of this gas’s purchase is not like the others one, BTU, British Thermal Unit, but the cost is comparatively cheaper than others. Though the cost calculation is a bit complex, but rather than other fuels and in the unit, you get, Natural gas is much more cost-efficient than others.
  • Electricity and Heat Generation The new research has found that natural gas can be used to reproduce electricity and heat generation. And for this reason, the demand for it getting higher too.
  • Eco friendly The last, but not the least, natural gas is much eco-friendly than all other fuels. This gas exhales less air-borne toxins and greenhouses gases than other ones. And that’s the main reason, we all are trying to use natural gas. You know the fact that, if we can save our nature, we could save ourselves.
Verdict Always choose better fuel for your needs. And also, try to keep your environment clean.


  • May 05, 2020

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