Lying Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
Once opon a time there was a girl name maymoe and she was a young girl who wanted to know about everything that she can know about. Her mother cupcake was scared because she did not know all the questions maymoe had. So cupcake was lying to maymoe about stuff that she could of asked.One day it was maymoes birthday and she asked cupcake why does birthdays exist,cup cupcake lied and said because they are so fun... And little maymoe went to tell her antie cleara, and she said no no no hunny that is not true. Maymoe said mommy said that to me... Cleara said your mom is a liar cleara Shouted. Evrey body looked at her and she said it again... cupcake said how am I a liar, cleara said cause your daughter said you told her birthdays exist only to have fun. Then cupcake ran inside the house an cryed all day until...cleara walked it the house and apologized... Cupcake told cleara that she told maymoe that because she is smart and she did not know what to say to cleara understanded and got maymoe and they all huged it out and had the best birthday ever....the end


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