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I will never forget the day my step dad nervously scrubbed away at a dish as if he was trying to rid it of something. I walked up to him and quietly asked him if he was ok, he replied no, then told me the bad news he got from his doctor. He had cancer and had 2 years to live. In shock, I sat down in his chair and started crying. My mom and sister caught on to what was going on and started crying too, that is when my dad said something that sticks with me to this day. He said "Why are you crying, I'm not even dead yet" then he went on to say that we need to not dwell on the fact he's dying, but to learn to appreciate every day we did have with him and when he's gone remember all he taught us and hang on to that instead of being sad he's gone. I have a dying son and each day he wakes up I thank my higher power and have learned to appreciate him for all he is while I still have him alive on earth. When he dies, no doubt I'll cry, but at least I'll have good memories of him to keep me moving forward.


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