Sister Cat And Brother Wolf Read Count : 32

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Once upon a time there lived a Wolf and Cat. The Wolf was like an elder brother of Cat. He took care of her every moment and protected her from the beasts. Cat has her own pet. It was a Snail. Brother Wolf loved both of them and loved their brother Wolf. One day when Cat was sleeping on her bed, prepared by her brother Wolf, a Monkey came towards her. He tried to attack on Cat and eat her. At the right moment, the Wolf came. He threw the Monkey far away. As he was a very protective brother of his sister Cat, Wolf bit the monkey's legs and cried in a loud voice that the Monkey became afraid and ran away. The Cat woke up from Wolf's loud voice. She asked what happened. The brother Wolf did not tell her everything. He just said, "It was another wolf's voice. Nothing happened sister..nothing. You just sleep peacefully." He then put her sister Cat's Snail beside her and read a tale for the Cat to make her fall asleep. As the Cat fall asleep with her Snail, the brother Wolf went inside his cage and slept there. Wolf hid everything from his sister Cat because he didn't even want her to think or stress about any animal attacking her. Wolf was a legendary caring brother of Cat. 🐺😺🐌



    May 04, 2020

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