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When a problem comes inside my head 

I try to conceal don’t feel until it reaches to the point, 

I couldn’t take it any longer whatever I was feeling anxious about what I did wrong make 

many mistakes. 

Why do I feel like this? 

If I went down the path of my mistakes 

see the memory what I did made them 

feel like that, 

I begin to freeze like an ice statue 

I couldn’t believe myself the guilt 

follow me everywhere I go. 

How could I do that to them? 

My heart shatter into a thousand pieces 

I never know how much my mistakes 

affected them, 

I never meant to make you look bad 

I know we’ll make mistakes learn from it 

I’m like Elsa from the first movie. 

Could I just make my decision already? 

I push heavy stone on you 

the guilt makes me feel overwhelmed 

wish I never bring myself to do this to you, 

it makes me want to run to somewhere 

I didn’t mean to affect you as well

I’m not a good person to you. 

Wouldn’t I stop think about negative thoughts? 

I couldn’t help myself all these years I thought 

I wasn’t a person you truly want all the mistakes I did, 

I know you don’t want to hurt me 

by telling me the truth 

you hide it from me. 

Why could you just open up? 

You know I’m sensitive to everything 

I guess I’m sensitive to certain 


only it affects me differently 

I’m sorry for all the mistakes I made 

affect you. 

Could you ever forgive me? 

You always know what to say 

to comfort me by your words 

I really appreciate it that, but 

The mistakes I made you look bad 

I won’t forgive myself I don’t like 

my mistakes I made. 


  • Zee Musty

    Zee Musty

    keep it up..golden angel nice piece of art...so touching and emotional..love it

    May 04, 2020

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