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Not long ago I found that I have a crush on you,
Not long ago I found that that thing wasn't crush that was love,
We talked to each other hours and hours.

We chatted all night on mobile,
After some days I confessed that I love 
You also accepted that you also love me

I want to hold that moment
I want to hold that moment that much 
That I can't even imagine.

The love feelings for each other had grown 
That much that I can't wait to listen 
Your voice.

I had fallen for that much that I can even 
Fight with destiny.

Just a message that I had send you destroyed everything
Everything means everything single thing.

And now I am missing you every single day.

Wanted to hold you now so badly,
But I can't do that somethings Are meant to be parted,
Something can't be joined even I wanted.

Hope he find his life with that person 
That he meant to be together with for forever.

___ Riya Singh


  • i love your poems so much.

    May 04, 2020

  • Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    Sarah Amber Pipkin.


    May 04, 2020

  • May 04, 2020

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