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People all over the world are in great agony and pain 
The news of losing their love ones is something too much to inhale
As a single king is taking all over the world
You are know it... It always on the front page of newspaper
We are counting the number of cases like counting paper
It so bad that some people don't still believe
While some are at grief
It originated from China in December 2019
It still exist till now
The viral disease is spreading 
And trending
As it has become a pandemic affecting countries globally
Affecting the economy greedily

Those rumours that blacks can't get affected has been justified
But some people are not yet clarified
Ain't the awareness enough or our level of ignorance is high
We all know it's spreading like a raging fire
The no of death is getting higher
Why can't we adhere to the safety tips and be at ease
Talking about safety tips some people don't even believe about it existence not talk of the stay at home order
Some people still want to be together going to "owambe" every Saturday
Like we have victory on the case going on yesterday
CORONA virus or Covid-19 is the name
Virus is the surname
It transfers from a sick person through droplet from the mouth
That why social distancing is the best option
To prevent it admission into the body system
To cause greater destruction like pneumonia 
Listen to instruction
Wash your hands for about 20 seconds or use an alcohol base sanitizer
Listen to medical advice
Speak up if you suspect corona virus cases 
So that they can do contact traces
About 2 million people have been affecting globally Italy
And about of death
With no sign of an end
Let all be guided and hope this enemy get defeated
Let all be prayerful and careful
By the special grace of almighty God it will stop
#stay home...stay safe

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    May 04, 2020

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