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Sub Category : Adventure
"You said you can read people memory? " ask the Leftenan."Why? Don't believe me? Then dont ask me such things" Y/n said.Finally the special forces unit came."Sir Whats the problem here?"Said a young man."She said she can read people memory" said The Leftenan.they all burst out laughing hearing that she can read people memory."Guys this is serious!" Shouted him.They all went silent."Rowoon take the camera out.Renjun and Chan take note" they all nodded and start to make things out."Introduce yourself " ask one of the detectives."My name is Kim Y/n. I am 20 years old and i live alone. I can read people's memories since im 6. I didn't remember my  childhood memories. Not even one" she said."So you said you can read people's memories since 6? And where are your parents?" Ask Detective Rowoon."They died" said her with a deep voice without emotion.So then they end that thing and went to their head quarters."So superpowers huh?" Leftenan Minjae thought in his head."Sir we will go home first.Goodbye!" Said Chan.He nodded and then went home.Leftenan Minjae started to check on some files about superpower."Ahhhhh why dont i take her number!" He said."Yo bro you ok?" Said SeungJun aka The famous CastleJ."Mhm" he hummed."A new case huh? Let me guess...hmm a murder?""You know that becuz you watched the news right? Aigoo" they laughed and then Minjae continue what he did."Hmm so the shimbae case about 20 guys died...Let me check that first" "Huh? There was a woman pregnant and killed by the murderer but the kid is still alive? What am i doing.......I supposed to check on superpowers.." he said.Then he got a called from His team."Goodnight sir, im sorry but we have a lot to do tonight"Said Renjun."So i got the girl phone number " said Rowoon."cool Give me that" said Chan."Chan stop your flirting ass and give me her number.I need to chat something with her" said Minjae.So he take the number and start to chat with her.


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    May 04, 2020

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