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(The screen shows Kimi, Amelia, Xia, Rika, and Rey coming out of the portal, and see a temple with trees around it)

Xia (points to the temple): Welcome to our home.

Rey (looks around): It looks cleaner, since I was here last.

Kimi: You were here.

Rey: Yes, in Hawaii, I first met them.

Kimi: How cool!

Xia: If you think this is cool, follow me inside.

(Xia takes Kimi's hand and heads to the temple)

Rey (running after Xia): Hold it!

Amelia (while walking): Good to see that she is still energetic.

Rika (with her camera in front of her face): This will be perfect for my video.

(The screen switches to Rika, Amelia, Rey, Xia, and Kimi walking into a white light)

(Kimi slowly opens her eyes adapting to the light, and sees a village full of people)

(Kimi looks at the village with a smile)

Xia: I know, this place is amazing.

Amelia: We have intruders.

Xia: Who? Kimi, you want (sees Kimi is gone)

Rey(gasps): Kimi! (Looks at the camera) I'm going to kill somebody.

(The screen switches to Kimi waking up in a dark room)

(A man in a white cloak walks out of the shadows, the man reveals long brown hair, a tattoo of the eye of Anubis on his head, and white skin. His name is Hex Stone)

Hex: Welcome Kimi

Kimi: Mr. Stone, but I thought you moved to the mountains.

Hex: I did, and there I found a group, a group that led me to (points to his tattoo) power.

Kimi (confused): Power?

Hex: Yes, just like you, I even got to (put his hands up) the great god

Kimi: Anubis

Hex: Yes, the one and only god of death.

Kimi: But, why would you kidnap me, we are friends 

Hex (touches Kimi's chin): My dear, I didn't mean you any harm, but I knew you're sure you already knew that.

Kimi (looks at Hex) (thought): There's something off about him.

Hex (thought): Seems you didn't fall for my act. 

Kimi (angry): Who are you? Where is my friend's spirit?

Hex (with a smirk): Why don't you read my mind and find out? I have nothing to hide. In fact, I want you to know everything.

(Kimi looks at Hex, then the screen shows Kimi with a sword behind a body of people, it switches to Kimi flying, with lava in the shape of a snake following her, and many things happen in a flash)

Kimi: (gasps) (backs up, looking shocked) What? That was my future.

Hex: Yes, and we will make sure that future comes true.

Kimi: How, you can't keep me locked up here forever and besides my friends will come.

Hex: Oh! I'm counting on it, do you know what's great about my power?

Kimi (with her arms crossed): Actually no, my power of mind reading can go only so deep.

Hex: I know, as I was saying, my power helps me see into the future and the past.

Kimi (eyes glows red): That's great (while but melting the bars)

(Hex gets a remote from behind his back, and clicks a button, which makes a giant hand come from the ceiling and grabs Kimi)

Hex: Hope you can put up a good fight.

(Kimi sees the monster is made of rocks)

Kimi (thought) (eyes widened): Rey is coming (she turns into a snake and get out of the monster's hand)

(The screen shows Rey kick the rock monster's face, which nearly knocks him out)

Rey: (ran to Kimi) Kimi! (Kisses Kimi on the cheek and hugs her) Are you okay?

Kimi (with her heart beating hard): I'm fine.

Rey (looks at Kimi with a concerned face): Your scared (with a serious face) Where is he?

Hex (walks outside): Agent Rey, the rumors are true, you are protecting her.

Rey (cracks her knuckles): Evil spirits (her eyes straightened) I don't do well with evil spirits.

Hex: Oh! I do well with your kind, hopeless human falling in love with a mutant, such a sad sight.

Rey (angry): I will have you know, I fell in love with her before she was a mutant.

Hex: Oh! I already knew once I saw you.

Rey: That's kind of creepy.

Amelia (not shown on screen): There isn’t ‘no kind’; of about it.

(The screen switches to Amelia, Rika, and Xia coming from the open ceiling)

Amelia: Kimi! Rey! Are you alright?


Rey (angry): Ticked off behind belief

Kimi: Kinda.

(Rika makes four arms appear out of her body and attacks Hex with all of them, making him fly and hit the wall)

Hex: Interesting, the future has been revealed, all of you have gathered, just like how I (with his tattoo glowing and red eyes) wanted.

(The ground shook, everybody was surprised, Amelia got out her swords, Rika has purple fire coming from her hand, Xia’s hair turns into monster-like mouths, Kimi turns her tail into a sword, and Rey holds two guns)

(Out of the ground reveals a dragon made of lava, a water cow, bunnies that are glowing, and the rock monster comes back)

Rey (looks at everybody): Who should attack who

Amelia (jumps through the ceiling); I got the giant.

Xia (runs): I got the bunnies,

Rey (Looks at Kimi): Are you sure, you can fight right now? I can handle the cow and the dragon if you’re not.

Kimi: He is trying to split us up, we need to stick together, the others will be able to handle themselves.

Rey: Got it, let’s work together.

(Kimi throws Rey at the dragon, Rey blasts the dragon with a ray that freezes it and destroys it, The cow comes towards Kimi like a ramping bull, so she reveals a storng blast of fire, which vaporizes it)

(Kimi and Rey High fived)

Kimi (looks at Rey): Something’s wrong

(Rey looks for Hex and sees he is by a giant circle with many ancient symbols that is floating above him)

Rey: What is he up to?

Kimi: I have to stop him (flies away)

Rey: Kimi! Wait!

(Kimi gets caught in the circle and Rey comes, but another cicle appears and she accidentally goes right through it, then it disappears leaving her in Egypt)

Rey: I’m going to kill that man, but first I got to get home (runs to a pyramid)

(Then screen switches Kimi look at Hex with red eyes)

Hex: Don’t worry, she’s safe.

Kimi: Unlike you (blasts him with laser eyes, but it bounces off of him)

Hex: Clever, but not quite the level I want, but once I finish this enchantment, you will be how I wanted you to be.

(Amelia slices a rock-shaped heart and the monster turns to dust)

(Xia howled, releasing a sonic blast that destroys the bunnies, shakes the building, and destroys the circle that was holding Kimi)

(Kimi lands on the floor and looks at Hex intensely)

Hex: Seems that my plan will have to be changed.

(Amelia comes and slice Hex , which makes a red aura appear around him, the red aura changes into chains with a hook end about to strike Amelia, then Kimi cuts the chain with her claws)

Hex: Well, that’s the key.

Kimi: Key? 

(Amelia felt her sword start glowing)

Hex: Yes, the key to your power  being unleashed into the world (his body glows)

Xia (surprised by the light): What’s going on?

Kimi: Everybody get behind me, hurry!

(Xia, Rika, and Amelia get behind Kimi, who grows angel wings protecting them)

Rika: Did anybody know she could do that?

Xia: Nope.

Amelia: I had a suspicion that she had power beyond what she was showing us, but wings is a little off.

(The screen shows the light spread over Amelia, Xia, Rika, and Kimi)

(The screen clears and shows Kimi having a white aura around her and the rest are unharmed)

Amelia (thought): She is more powerful than I thought.

Hex: Perfect, that’s the power I wanted to see.

(Kimi grabs Hex by the throat and throws him into the sky, looking like a star from a distance)

Rika: Where’s Rey>

Kimi: Egypt, and she should be returning in 3, 2, 1.

(Rey appears by Kimi with Egyptian queen outfit on and holding a staff)

Rey; (kisses Kimi on the cheek) I’m back.

Kimi: Hello, Rey.

Rey (puts her arms around Kimi): Missed me, my dear.

Kimi (with a smirk): You really playing your role thick?

Rey (with her arms still around): Only to make you feel safe. Is it working?

Kimi: I am strangely calm.

Rika: Fantastic, we’re safe and I got everything on film.

Amelia: Yeah and Hex is gone.

Kimi: He’ll be back, I’m sure of it, after all he shares the power of anubis and that’s a bad combo.

Rey: True, but I won’t let anybody take my Kimi away from me..

Xia (hugging Kimi with a smirk): Except me.

Rey (with red aura): Why you!

Amelia (by Xia): You’re asking for a death wish.

(The episode ends with Kimi laughing)


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