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I toss, and turned in my bed. It's so hot, I'm the lord of district 3, there are 7 districts. The company name is 'The English's Spices'. I'm in the Brazil colony. Although the houses are designed to be cool, it's still extremely hot. I then started to hear the birds chirp, I opened the curtains, and saw the sun rise. I began to get dressed. After getting dress I walked to my office. My job as the lord is to take care of what the company doesn't want too. Each district has there own lord. I control most of the business here, but there are somethings I can't do. The merchants do as I command, and run the daily chores. I don't control my pay either. Frederick, the stockholder who hired me, controls how much he pays me, and he can overrule my decision if he sees neccessary, but I don't need his approval. I can hire or fire police officers, but I can't give them orders. There a military, I can't hire, or fire them, there independent of any district, they only work for the company. 

I finally get to my office, and wait for a merchant to come with a question. A while later james, a merchant, comes in. "Sir, a group of natives have visted, they request jobs, to clean our roads. They say they'll charge us 35 pecents a year." James says. "We pay our workers..." I begin to think of how much we pay them. "50 pecents a year! Tell them there hired. Make a request to transfer our cleaners to districted 6." I said. "Right away, sir." James replied. District 6 is the poorest district. The stockholder doesn't really care about it, the shareholder, and the lord are the same person. 

I then put on my coat, and got into the carriage. I had to go to a meeting, with all the lords, shareholders, and the owner of English Spices. It was a meeting about both the war with Portugal, and information about The Dragon, another british company, who wants to sell us 2 districts. The meeting was held in the 4 district. I saw several carriage when I got there. I walked in, and waited at the table. Finally when everyone got here, the owner when up to the podium, to say what he needs to. "We are increasing our army's size, your dues have been raised by 40 pecents as a result. We are adding 2 new districts, only for 100 quadrents. Lastly, the price of spice has gone up, because of the war with Portugal." We all clapped after he finished. He then walked back to his seat. I then walked up to the podium. "I've decreased the price of clean up." I said. The meeting was mostly boring, until it was the generals turn. 

"I have a plan to take over Brazil. Let's burn a French farm, dressed as German soldiers, and with german torches. This will cause France, and Germany to go to war. When there at there weakest point, we invade them both, giving our company the upper hand. Then we just have to beat Portugal, and gain dominance amongst the British, then we take over Brazil, giving us an monopoly over Brazil's resources." He said. It was a genius plan. I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Then the stockholder of district 6 walked up to the podium. "We have built another public school." He said. He was a communist district. Housing is free, food is free, and education is free, but the workers have to bring in more then the costs. "You need to privatize, you're the poorest district, and you're barely bring in a profit." The shareholder of district 7 said. district 7 was completely privatized, there is no lord, independent companies farm the spices, and there dues, in spices. 

A man walked into the meeting, and whispered something into the general hear. He then stood up, and walked to the podium. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but... our troops have taken the capital. Portugal has surrendered, and there leaders are discussing the peace treaty." He said. We all began to celebrate from our seats. 

We gained enough territory to make 7 districts, we gained 900 quadrants, and we own their military branch. This means that we now own Portugal colony. 

They ended up attacking France, and blaming it own Germany. This means that Germany, and France are no longer focused on our business. We could now focus on dominating Britain's other companies, then gain to strengthen to defeat France, and Germany. 

After we bought the other British companies, we fought in the French, and Germany war. After we won the war, we took there entire colonies. Both of them combined are equal to 35 districts. 

James entered my office. "Sir, they've responded. They wish for the street cleaners, but they don't want Ben. "Go tell them, James." I said. This was our most profitable year. I then went to the carriage to go to the meeting. The owner went to the podium. "I want to make radical reforms." He said. "First off, I now own district 6, and I'll be selling it soon. We are no longer English spices, we are now Brazil's Goods. There is now going to be reform to ranking. There is now the head lord, who controls the district, but not the business. This means that they control the roads, and allow for new businesses to open, and old ones to close, but they can't hire, or fire the workers. Next there is the Lord of Spices, every current lord is now a lord of spices, they control the spice industry in each district. Next there the Lord of Silver, who controls the sliver mines.  Lastly there the lord of fish, if a district can fish, the lord of fish control the harbors. The last reform is that businesses can now open stores, in different districts. Because of the fact that we have a monopoly of Brazil's resources, we should be extremely profitable, meaning we'll earn our money back."

After I got back to the district, I began to walk back to my home. I felt a sharp pain in my back. I turned around, and saw ben, I felt my back, and felt a knife handle. I fell to the dirt road. "The lord been stabbed!" Someone yelled. I heard people yelling as I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital. Frederick, and the owner were talking to the doctor. Frederick then walk towards me. "How are you?" He asked. "I'm in alot of pain." I said. "Listen, we're going to give you a little time off. After you've healed up, you'll have your job, and house back, and we're going to pay all your bills." "Thank you, sir." I said with a smile. 

I was able to got to the trail, but I was supervised, and medics were ready to help if I pasted out. "You're actions have cost us so much progress, and we are now paying his bills. I sentence you to slave labor, until your work pays off the debt of his bills, amd the debt of your slavery." The owner said. 

The new guy basically took my job. I only did basic things, yet there was more progress then under my rule. Ben was released from slavery earlier because we wouldn't have the new lord without his progress. Ben was hired to be an assassin, who would kill who ever the company need him to kill. When I finally healed up, I was given back my job, and the new guy, who's name is Henry, was promoted to head lord. 

Fortunately Brazil's Goods, was a success, bring in more of a profit, and because of our monopoly on brazil, and how much the British people loved the foreign goods, we were able to charge more then what there worth. Unfortunately other countries refuse to do business with us, because we're a British company, and we don't know what would happen if we declared independence.


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    May 06, 2020

  • May 06, 2020

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