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~A True Story~

   A part of my past I hid deeply is reopening a wound I would know I have to face everyday. Guns are not a right, but actually a responsibility so many people of today's age. When I was set to turn Sixteen I was so excited to earn my driver's license. Some friends on July 4th offered me a celebration so that night I slipped out of the house and we headed to an all night celebration. During this night, I wouldn't know it at the time, but my life would be turned upside down.
   I met a girl named Leah, and we hit it off almost instantly. That night, I had felt more alive than I ever could have imagined. I offered to go to the concessions stand,  but for some strange reason she insisted on coming with me. On our way down the walk a vehicle approached. Gunshots of automatic weapons, illegally purchased from an arms dealer, broke the calm silence. She pushed me down behind the concessions as a watched bullets pierce her flesh and body fall onto the concrete.
   As the police arrived on the scenes one of the salesman pointed me out as a witness. As the officer approached I lost my cool and ran off. I know he was trying to help, but I couldn't control the overwhelming terror so I ran away and met up with some friends. I couldn't bear to tell them what happened so I lied to them. On my way out of the park I borrowed a friend's hoody and hid my face from the police. I think one of them saw me, or maybe he was just suspicious.
   Four days later, I met with the driving instructor and couldn't keep my concentration. Every moment sounds of gunshots pierced my memory. The fear overwhelmed me and I kept missing turns and even turned down a one way street. That was it, we went back and I had failed. I broke down bawling and just ignored him when he saw my distress. I tried to block out the sounds, but it nearly took me five more years before I could drive again. Guns are nothing more than tools, you are held guilty for hitting someone with a shovel. If you cannot take responsibility seriously, than you don't deserve a tool much less a weapon. 


  • May 03, 2020

  • May 04, 2020

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