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It's hard to define yourself 
When the world doesn't seem to fit in your personality. 
I just want to be who I truly am, 
Not changing, not hiding,
Just to please the crowd, who doesn't care. 
What if I go ahead? 
What if I listen to my heart? 
Will I be treated like a detained thief? 
No longer accepted and seen as a serpent in the sight of the innocent. 
I enjoy being who I am. 
I feel safe, happy and peaceful. 
But do people really remember how that feels? 
All they think they need is their wants that keeps them moving.
Does it last?  

                             think about it... 

                                                             _ noju


  • its fantastic

    May 03, 2020

  • Mary maria Martha

    Mary Maria Martha


    May 03, 2020

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