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The clock struck two at night
She was in her bed, her pillow wet with tears
Her eyes red and her face dull, 
Yes she had a dream, a dream to rise
But she had none by her side
Her friends left her
Her beloved betrayed her
Her family blamed her
Her inner voice stayed mum
Her throat felt a lump
She had no desire to sleep
It seemed she forgot how to smile
It was she who only knew what she was going through
Nights after nights she stayed awake
Trying to clutch onto those memories
Memories where she smiled
Memories telling that there were good days too. 

Motivational speeches were of no use
Good movies made her sad
Finally she took the strongest decision of life
She climbed upto the terrace and was finally free
The loud noise awoke everyone in the society and then everything was over
She took her own decision
Her eyes finally closed but that was forever... 

All cried, 
All regretted for ignoring her
But all was over
She took her own decision
She decided to resign the match of her life... 

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