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   Across the United States, many people are being misled into thinking that the coronavirus is not real. That it's a piece of Fiction made up by the media industry to get votes. Or some liberal plot to set up a certain lifestyle in the United States. These are all false storylines, which do not hold any true fact at all. In fact, they couldn't be more wrong about the birth of the Coronavirus. What is this virus? Where did it originate from?
   In the United States, and many other countries have been studying the coronavirus for as many as 60 years. Very well-known biological labs, such as the PIRH Institute has been studying this unique element within the world of disease. It's Unique, because there is not only more than one type , but it mainly focuses on animals rather than humans. Particularly focusing on fowl such as chickens, turkeys, and even some cattle such as sheep and cows. Normally, the virus serves as a respiratory disease which affects these creatures.
    When the disease was first released, there were prior warnings from the United States military, which was released in February to the president of the United States office. The president ignore these warnings were baseless, until it entered the United States. When numerous people were getting sick and large trafficking areas, airports, bus stations, train depots, and any travel centers. It became an issue quickly, as those places have a large number of people traveling in and out consistently throughout the days. Because of the fear and unknown surrounding the coronavirus which was released from China originally, the United States put a foot down quickly to try to prevent a large outbreak send.
   Because of the lack of preparedness for the United States, because of ignoring prior warnings there were massive outbreaks in places with a large population. With so much Unknown about the virus, here was instilled in the people as they didn't know what they're really chasing. But the truth, may be scarier than what you know now. I'm going to tell you the truth about the coronavirus, and what it really symbolizes.
   This virus which is noted is covid-19 is a combination of more than one disease. The combination of diseases, affects the respiratory system. "Much like the affected animals, it slowly works to shut down the system usually taking up to about a month before person passes away." The only symptoms, flu like in their nature exhibited. Coughing, sore throat, sneezing, any difficulty breathing could all be symptoms of this virus. It is a combination of viruses which affect humans created in the same way that other coronavirus has formed, which affect animals.
   So what are the chances of you getting it? People with stronger immune systems are unlikely to get it or to exhibit a minor flu-like sickness. Others, who have a weaker immune system are more likely to exhibit more severe symptoms. Also, the American Medical Association has noted, the more you are exposed to this disease, the more likely it is that the symptoms you receive will be worse. It's very important that we recognize this as a real threat.
   You're probably thinking at this point, why am I so worried if it's like the flu? Or at least similar to the fluid in some way. It's not the flu, it's something much worse than the flu and here's the reason why. When you bond diseases, the created disease takes a new shape which makes vaccines and adequate sometimes. Much like a disease or illness evolves into something new. This means, the inadequate vaccines cannot be used to create a brand new vaccine. Instead they have to study the disease as closely as possible to find out the differences and former brand new vaccine for the illness. Something many people don't understand, is one slight mistaken of vaccine could be toxic. One vaccine is not a cure-all for everyone, because our genetic makeup is very different from our neighbors.
   Because this is a new virus, it is very difficult to handle because of many differences including where people live, how often people travel, your general health, your age, and even your gender. One thing I have learned from this, is I've taken too much for granted. The truth is never as clean as we would like it to be, and people are not always likely to get the result they're expecting. Some people may never get sick, while others get seriously ill. The next question that pops into people's heads, is shutting down the economy and it is it that effective?
   This comes back to the bad choices that our president has made currently. 7 out of 10 jobs is controlled by small businesses which were shut down pre covid-19. Instead, they count how to the biggest corporations who were unprepared to take care of the by admitting some kind of protective protocols. Because of this failure of protective protocols, they likely spread the disease to shoppers and customers who may not have even known about the illness outbreak around the world. But should we really think about the economy over the people?
   The answer of that is obviously now, because the people are what make up the economy. There is so much so that the economy can take, before collapsing and it's likely that the middle class will have to clean up their mess. Remember when Donald Trump I kept telling people that the other countries would pay? Well it turns out that the United States has paid for over 20 billion dollars. The system was weak, but now the system is broken. So what do we do in a situation like this? Remain strong because there is a solution and is not just about getting a corrupt leader out of office.
   We need to draw attention to the health and situations around the United States right now. Alot, is starting to happen and a lot of influential people in the business world are taking notice it how bad the economy is for the middle class in the lower class. Some of these people didn't realize how bad it was, or how badly affected they would be if something massive like this happen to everyone. This is just the tip of the iceberg of could be possibilities. We should not be sacrificing people, but working to build a better system for everyone. A fair equal system, where workers are paid enough to live comfortably and the wealthy can enjoy their frills without need.
   Too many families don't have enough money to live off, and we need to use this as a learning opportunity to fix the problems that have been happening in our country. Covid-19 is not a fake illness, I personally know someone who have this illness and almost died. Fortunately she made it come back and now she is able to go home, but her threat is over. Covid-19 is real, the effects to the economy in the United States is real, and the way people are living is real. Don't ignore these problems just because you don't like to hear about them. We writers don't like to write about them. But this is troubling on nation, and it's a threat that we must take seriously. If we don't take this seriously now, there's no telling what kind of damage will be done next time.


  • May 03, 2020

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