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"Detective Hwang Renjun,Sent the Special Force unit 2 to the victim location"Said Leftenan Song Minjae. He is the Popular Policeman that work at Special Force unit 1."Yes sir!"said Detective Hwang Renjun.(20 minutes later) They arrived at the victim location."Swat team be ready,The others follow me!" Said Leftenan Song Minjae.They enter the house using garage door."Stop your things now!" Said him.They went inside and saw a 20 year old girl standing beside the victim."Leftenan pls dont shoot her,She saves me!"said the victim."And how can she saves you?"He asked."I live next door ,And heard she screams " the girl said."wait" the girl said again."what it is now girl!" Said Detective Noh Huijun.The girl then put her hand at the victims head."She was raped.The rapist didnt leave yet,He is at the bathroom with a guy.The guy is a policeman" she said.Then,they checked the bathroom and she was right.There was the rapist and the policeman."The policeman was stabbed in the bathtub" The girl said again.All the girl said was real,He was stabbed by the rapist.We arrested then and bring them to the police station.Leftenan Song Minjae stay there to ask the girl some questions.He called His team to come there."So...Who are you?" He ask."Oh you will ask me questions without aking me sit first ?What a Leftenan" she said."oh sorry lets sit down"He said."I am Leftenan Song Minjae and who are you?" He said while adjusting the camera."I am Y/n" she said."Is that all you wanna say?" Said the Leftenan."If i said it you wont believe me""just said it!"The leftenan shouted." Ok fine! I am 20 year old and I can read people memory's " 


  • Riya Singh

    Riya Singh

    i loved it

    May 03, 2020

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