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You will see those like me alone,
Taking refuge in the silence of the tree.
While the moon washes the eyelashes,
Someone will read my poems to the last pages. 

Those like me don't like noise,
You'll find it in a quiet place. 
They won't talk much, but if they do,
They speak with you only the truth.

They will open their souls quickly,
Because they still believe in goodness,
Even if someone can break the rules,
Breaking again their feelings.

  Those like me prefer the night to write,
Because the day is too noisy.
You will see those like me, without company.

You will see them listening to music
With headphones in their ears,
Creating a better world
Through their virtual life.

Wiping away their tears
With a smile after crying all night. 
You can't find people like me in ordinary bars.


  • May 03, 2020

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