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corona is a fiction. no one has seen a patient by one self. social media is silent only electronic media is promoting corona. it's baseless without any proof the whole world locked down.
developed world is reporting patients while the developing world is shrinking their patients. it's funny to see government's stands!
hope humanity will civilised in future.


  • The Monster Writer  (Gold)

    The Monster Writer (Gold)

    First of all, get better with your English. Second of all, go to the most populated area near you. Tell me if you feel sick two weeks later. Go on, prove it's not real. Y'know, as sad as Writer's Outlet will most likely be deleted in early 2021, it will make damn sure that shit like this will not be posted further on this site. Keep to your Facebook or Twitter.

    May 03, 2020

  • it's great

    May 03, 2020

  • May 03, 2020

  • is this for writing sake or what??? cos i wonder how someone would not believe about it's is called ignorance Safe safe guyzzz.It is real

    May 04, 2020

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