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I'm tired of all the things in this world that are going on killings and shootings crimes that I guess has gotten worse all along. I'm tired of waking up to new things every day but these are not the things that you would expect me to say. I'm tired of all the negative things about race black, white, Asian, Muslim what's the big deal when we were all made the same. I'm tired of seeing children cry because you kill their dad but I know I know that doesn't make you sad. I'm tired of all the protest because you think you deserve more but so does the single mom who was right behind the alley at a grocery store .so does the child that wants to learn but can't go to school, so does the man that lost his limbs to keep our country safe. I'm tired of all the hate about who we are. I'm tired of not knowing what to expect from day to day I'm tired of feeling scared just to turn the TV on because I don't know what I'll see.  I'm tired of reading about all the constant hate if it's not about gender then it's about race if it's not about race then it's about who you serve I'm tired of all this hate on this world .terrorist and bombs to prove what? I'm tired of people blaming each other for what's going on today it's because of this earth that's what they say. I'm tired of looking at all the hurt that's being spread. I'm tired of seeing all the gangs on the streets collecting all are young ones with drugs like its candy or aTreat .I'm tired of hearing shots and not knowing what it was all because you think it's fun to kill somebody that somebody else may have loved. I'm tired of all the stereotype that this world gets are you ready because this is how deep it is about to get. that black person is ghetto oh look at that white trash you see that girl over there is a s*** and let's not forget the guy that has on tight jeans he must be gay, these are just some of the hurtful things that people say I'm tired of all the judgment and the labels that people give then you try to make up for it by doing things like this. let's make this way rainbow it will please all those gays or special club for only 1 race. I'm tired of looking around from day to day and seeing all of these hurtful things that people continue to say. put it in the papers and splash across the news they say the history repeats itself and yeah that may be true but I really never knew that I would be living it too. I'm so so tired of all the s*** that's going on in the majority of it is all wrong .why do we have to take an innocent life to teach your kids hatred so young in their lives. I thought this was America the home of the free and the brave but yet all I see is punks taking lives the easy way. You pull out your gonna knife why can't you just put it away I'm tired so tired of feeling this way.


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