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Asshole Of The Day Is....Nicole Jasick, Come On Down! You Are The Next Contestant On My Story, Welcome Bitch!

Earlier this evening I got into an argument with one of my Facefucks and this fuck happens to be my coworker as well as my enemy. Today was far worse than yesterday and I can honestly say that I haven't had one since quarantine life hit nearly two months ago. Not a bad record if you ask me. Moving forward, I posted a few writings on my Facebook page, which I rarely do, because most of those fucks aren't worthy of viewing them any damn way! Long story short, This miserable fuck, Nicole, had the damn nerve to hit the "😂" button on my stories and then commented a smart effin' remark saying "you aren't no damn writer!" Mind you, by the time I noticed the garbage she'd left on my story/post, she had already done blocked me like the coward that she is, afraid that I would call her out on it! She's one of those kinds that likes to talk a bunch of shit, then run and hide behind her screen. I like to call them individuals "cyber cowards." 

I know it sounds childish, but let's face it, I take my writing seriously. My stories are written from the heart, as most nonfiction work is. My words interpret pain and tears from a time where my soul was broken. As writers, we are subject to criticism to inspire us to become even better writers, but there's a fine line between conveying criticism and being a downright ignorant piece of shit, like Nicole Jasick! Word of advice with a little twist of wisdom, don't be a dick, like Nicole Jasick, because misery loves company and it certainly won't get you anywhere in life...except for being a miserable effin' hater! You're probably wondering why I say fuck and other times I say effing? The answer to this question is quite simple, I'm trying to cut back on my swearing, if that makes any sense.😂 

Anyhow, I think I'm finished carrying on and ranting about this filthy little fuck named Nicole Jasick from Pittsburgh, Pa and I'm confident that I feel a little better now that I've vented. I want to thank all my fellow readers who took the time to read my filthy language, it truly means everything to me and I hope you got a good LOL out of it as well. Have a great weekend, be safe wherever you are and lots of love to all! ❤


  • May 02, 2020

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