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Chapter One The  Final Battle "Arrgh!" Argus cried out. Falling back wards several times impacting his whole body rolling a while towards a stop to the concrete wall white collide it's neck an skull and armor into it.  The last standing one of the  Knight Guardian   reinforcement Bosses has been defeated. The evil dark knight armor powerful strength abilities wore off an armor fainting shattered to pieces all over the floor near him. It was unvulnerable. Too weak to fight back anymore then of what he started. It was done for. The Fantasy Hero's whose defeated it wanted answers. Trying to save the world within it's darkness chaos side. Beyond the final front of defense to stop the hero's was the evil villain responsible form all the destruction. Won't stop at nothing taken this monster down. "Alright- before Mario spoke his piece, Will grunted ferociously with his sword. Charging up an unmanageable amount of energy flowing. "Will, what are you doing?" Mario asked softly. No answer came but a response of the floor beneath shaking beyond it's core. Wobbling everyone standing on it to lose balance to a collapse state. "ARRGHHHHH! " Will lifted his thundering glowing sword up and jumped up high ready to embrace his final power the finish Knight off with one final fatal blow. "GOD AMONG THE SEAS!!! " Mario brain clicked up a quick idea right away to hold off Will's rage nonsense long enough before he does something he regret. Flapped his hands in different cycle moments. Sped off to the chase. "ARGHHH- CLANK! Will and Mario's energy powers collided together. Saving the Knight from fatal death. "This has nothing to do with you Mario!" Shouted Will. "Get the freck out of my way! "
"No, Will! " "I will not let you kill him. " "We talked about this remember? " "Screwed what we talked about! " "That's in the past, this is the present an personal! " Will enraged more power into his beam for his rival. Mario tried. too, but Will was too strong. His rage consumed him. And left him a more dangerous hero gone mad. Mario beam evaporated more and more an more. Losing the battle. Was going to die along with Knight, if he doesn't strengthen up I or back off. Mario knew the only thing to do. "You remember the first we met? " "It was from unknown portal aiming us to an wooden cabin we had no choice but to call home. " "Met ourselves all together as a family. " "Get to know one A another. " Could you not believe all of our stories was presented as a video game character. But he e different personalities and our backstory? "Wasn't that hilarious? " "Mine for the taking including my brother Cookie, were Mario Kart characters. "Last race for the champion world cup trophy. With real players in the inside world playing as us? " "What's your point? " Will asked. Getting near close killing them both on the spot without thinking straight at all. Leaving the group squad the stay back in terror. Having that look in there eyes of misery. The point is, if wasn't for me saving you back there where we first met of states though the be behind these gates we fought so hard to come, you would not even be here, alive seeking refuge for your murdered dead parents. "It was  a trick. An illusion, I'd was stupid enough to sacrifice my life saving an hero person I barely even know! " Will stoped his warpath. Stand down his ground floating back down on the floor with his sword art down his lap charging back down to an normal state. Mario fell on his knees.  Breathing recklessly. Trying catch some air of life he could. Heart racing an head throbbing. Vision was blurry for a hot minute. "He was-.……my.….- my father. " Mario's response. Coughed more stronger way. Not doing to well. The group gasped an Will was shocked frazzled. The Knight stood up on his feet. Sumed things up before leading on up with the deal they made. "I understand where your coming from Will." " "We been there- just not the way you've been dealt with. " I joined Allies with him, because he was the new reclaimed king of our apocalypse Fiery Satanic Red World. " "We're all the same. Will do anything for this guy. " Just don't know his history, but of him kicking the crap out of the strongest God hero alive centuries ago, we had been defeated mercilessly. "Thousands a times by. " "Killed  him mercilessly the crap out of my father and my whole big family, said Will. Voice cracking in a depressed mixed angery way. I was suppose the join the generation of the video game industry. Since, my game been so popular in the old days and on to the new. Now, time to start something new. "More visualant games, gamers will be scrambling for. Lots of them copies. Play with other friends." "Since that's gone, no one played me anymore. "I dead-gone bad. " "Him getting away with it doing to my family and my future, destroying the real world now? " "Making his own demise, I won't stand for! " "I say you just unleash them gates an I'll let you live. " "Become apart of our family, yeah? " The Knight grunted his deep wounds away. Agreed shooking his head up and down. Turned around an did his thing. Unlocking the combination code locks to a symphony. Pushing the gates with a horde shoulder bash. KA-BAM The gates squeaked open. All the dark consumed the air with ash everywhere. Smelled mad looked scary. Still didn't the hero and rival enemy from still continuing on in this perpetrator territory no one dares to enter. Once they all step inside, the gates fastly shut closed right behind them. BAMM! Made few the jumped. Walked in more futher. Fire balls blasted everywhere beside them the stone barred secretly locked off. View of the entire place beyond the gates was a whole another world none of the Fantasy Hero's an Guardian anticipated. The deeper they got, the more gruesome wicked like the place gets. They soon reached a door that lead passage  to the antidote virus Bio that'll solve all there problems of the world an there mission but never moved. Stayed right where they were. "Something doesn't feel right," said Will. "It isn't. " "Who said that? " Mario asked. All looked around the place. Being quite cautions. A red eye light lighten the room a little to creepy shadow figure in front of them. Flicked once showed him exposed. And blacked out into darkness. Filtering the dark with rapidly running foot steps and a gruesome stab towards the chest of some ones heart being pulled out from the outside. SRCHKKK! "Hahahahahah!! " The predator laughed smiling quite big. Blood spilling all over his hands. And shoes damped in it of the Knight body dropping on it. Never got the chance scream or see who even killed him blindsided in the dark. The whole arena was full of light. No dark but the sky up above. "So, your here to stop me, son? " It asked. Twisted it head widely towards them, staring. Yes, father, answers Mario. "Nod his head up an down. Sauntered towards to his dad slowly . It doesn't have the be this way, father."  "Okay we could- Pow!( Gasp) Mario slides tumbling up down on the floor. Finally felt on his face. Got hit hard. "Hey! " shouts Will. "What? " "What, I'm making quite a pain for y'all dream the do-do save the world mission? " "Defeating me? " "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! " "How cute. " ARGHH- "It's okay guys an Will. " Mario stood weakly on his legs. Recovered a little. "This is between me and my father. " "But Mairo- "No butts," Will, said Mario. "I know of how much of a psycho manic he is, but his family."  And I'm ma end him like family. " "Okay ? " "This is my fight. " "I'd need to finish what my father started. " Mario closed his eyes. Really calmed an humbled. Transformed to his legendary from. His power blazing ferociously. Will did not want to allow this, but he trusted Mario. The way Mario did, to a hero he barely knows. Will and the crew backed off into out the gates. Going to await for the arrival of there future. "Your gonna need that kind army to stop me," bluffs Mario's father. "Making it too easy boy! " "Arghhh! " Mario's father forms to his final form. "And that's the form he killed my father with, " Calls out Mario. "Yep, It's what I'm gonna kill you, along with your  weak pathetic    father! in HELL!" ARGHHH! ARGHHHHH! They both war cried and engaged to fight to the death To be continued. Did Mario win? Did he save the world?


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