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(The episode opens with Kimi wearing a  pink tutu spinning like a ballerina, while throwing flowers all around the place, and accidentally falls out the window. She uses her heels to stop her off the roof)

Rey (opens the door with two cups): Kimi! I brought pineapple smoothies (looks out the window, seeing Kimi) You fell out of the window again.

Kimi: Yeah.

Rey (puts the smoothies on a dresser): Should I help you with your ballet skills?

Kimi (climbs back into the room): No, thanks, I need to stop leaving the window open.

Rey: But, it gets so hot in here.

 (Kimi takes a sip of her smoothie, while her tail is using a propeller, so she can fly)

Rey: When did you learn to do that?

Kimi (still drinking a smoothie): From a cartoon.

Rey (nods her head): Cool!

Kimi (with glowing eyes): We have a guest.

Rey (with a suspicious look in her eyes): What kind of guest?

(Kimi runs to the door, and sees behind the door is Amelia: a girl who dark pink hair, yellow cat ears, brown skin, wearing a pink kimono with flowers on it and Xia - a girl who has light brown hair in a ponytail, pink ribbon around the ponytail, rainbow glasses,brown eyes, pink cat ears, wearing a pink jacket with pictures of bunnies,and long purple dress. Rika has a blue cap, blue hair in two ponytails, yellow glasses, black bow, bunny ears, wearing a dark blue dress)

Kimi (smiles): Hello.

Xia (hugging Kimi): She's just as cute as the photo we saw.

Kimi: Thanks Xia (points to Amelia) and you must be Amelia.

Amelia (cooly): Yup.

Kimi (looks at Rika who is filming her): Rika

Rika (moves the camera for a second, winks): That is me.

Kimi: What I owe this lovely visit.

Amelia: Let's cut to the chase, our boss is interested in you and we are here to convince you to come.

Kimi: and I'll cut to the chase as well (takes Xia's arm off her shoulder) I know your boss is part of something I definitely don't want to be a part of, so no.

Xia (with her eyes bashing): Could you give it a chance?

Rika (with the camera in front of her face): Besides we're not immediately taking you to our boss.

Amelia: What do you mean by that?

Rika (looks at Amelia): Come on, it's been a while since we had fun with somebody who is part animal like us, can't we stay out and have some fun

Xia (by Kimi): That sounds perfect, we can get to know Kimi better.

Amelia: Our mission is simple, convince Kimi to come to where our headquarters is and that's it, no detours.

Kimi (by Amelia): I would give up, before you get irritated and lose control of your anger.

Amelia: (sighs) It'll be that bad, fine. Besides I wanted to eat some ice cream, there's a new flavor that came out.

(Kimi, Xia, and Rika with puppy dog eyes at Amelia)

Amelia: It's oreo filled with reese's and a touch of M&Ms

Xia: Oh!

Kimi: Sounds like my drink.

Rika: I agree.

Amelia: (by the door) Then, let's go.

(Xia, Rika, and Kimi at the same time run out the door, then Amelia closes the door behind her)

Amelia (looks at the door): Are you coming too, Agent Rey?

(From the shadows is revealed to be Rey wearing a black dress and black heels along with a dark blue trench coat and sunglasses)

Rey: I just go by Rey.

Kimi (hugs Rey): I knew you would come with me.

Rey: Duh, you're the love of my life.

Xia (with her face puffed up): Harsh, what? our time in Hawaii meant nothing to you.

Rey: It did, but we aren't on the same team.

Amelia: Not entirely true, our boss is trying to find the secret behind Kimi and we want to as well.

Rey: Okay, that is true, but you do realize your boss has teamed up with a cult.

Amelia (points to Kimi): Why don't you ask your friend?

Kimi (looking at Rey): They do, but they also know this is a good opportunity to find other friends and a home.

Xia: (look at Kimi) You want to be friends (puppy dog eyes) Don't you?

Kimi: Of course, I know what it's like to feel left out.

(Xia's eyes widened, then hugs Kimi)

Xia: We are best friends, I love you already.

Rey (gets in-between Xia and Kimi): Whoa! Hold it, I'm the only one that gets to say I love you to Kimi.

(Amelia laughs, which surprises Rey, Xia, and Rika)

Amelia (shakes her head): Petty as ever (continues laughing)

Rika (puts her camera on Amelia): That's a rare sight to see.

Amelia (waving at the camera, while laughing): Stop recording.

(Rika put her camera down and smiles)

Rika: Fine (gets her skateboard and starts riding)

Xia (flying with her hair acting like a propeller): So, what powers do you like to use?

(Kimi shrug her shoulder)

Rika: Interesting, you haven't used your powers, why not?

Rey (looking at Rika): Because she was a normal girl, then she got her life taken away and went through a lot.

(Xia gives Kimi a kiss on the cheek, which shocks Amelia and Rika, and Rey becomes mad)

Xia (looks at Kimi): We understand, society doesn't like us either.

Kimi: How did you deal with it?

(Amelia takes out one sword, jumps into the air, and rips a hole in the sky, creating a portal and lands on the ground, then puts the sword back in her pouch)

Xia (pulling Kimi's hand): this place will be perfect for you (and brings her into the portal)

Rey (jumps into the portal after Xia): Come back here.

Rika (while fiddling with her hair): I have a feeling, the boss will hate our choice.

Amelia: (pushes Rika into the portal) Duh (walks into the portal and closes the portal)

(The screen switches to the dark room)

The man (looking at a scanner): The team left this dimension.

(The screen shows the chair moving back, then it's revealed to be a man who has short brown hair, wearing a black suit, and black shoes; he is smoking and gives a smirk. He is the boss)

The boss (with an evil smile): No problem, the cult is already two steps ahead.

A man: But, Agent Rey is with them 

The boss: I already predicted that would happen, so she won't be a problem.

(The episode ends)


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