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The flower was picked. Placed in a bag and sealed tight. It couldn’t breath and it didn’t have any light. It sat patiently waiting, curious and a little concerned. Her petals curled and her stem began to thin. Her color faded. She wondered will I see the light again? I’m not sure where I’m at, or where I’m even going. I hope that I’m worth something. I hope that I’ll be worth showing. *ziiiip* goes the bag. The light crept in. The breeze shot through. It was no metaphor, a literal breath of fresh air and  rays to bath in. The flower gasped in agony. She couldn’t believe the trauma she had endured. Living in that kind of unknown was a world she wanted to unlearn. No longer cramped within the bag, no longer sealed tight. She found a new life. Eager to spread her roots and soak up all the sunlight. 


  • Niiice👍 Frame it in stanzas then t'will look beautiful

    Apr 26, 2020

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