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(The opening shows Kanisha running through the paris)

(A guitar is playing)

(Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail)

(Kanisha fighting a wrestler)

(Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods)

(Kanisha is riding a dragon)

(Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground)

(Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera)

(The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair)

(The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling)

(The episode shows Kanisha running with Penelope on her back and stops at a red mansion)

Penelope (with sparkles in her eyes): Whoa!

Kanisha: Try not to get lost.

Penelope: Wait. How did you get a mansion?

(Kanisha opens her door with telekinesis and smiles)

Kanisha (walks into the mansion): My aunt owned it.

Penelope (walks after Kanisha): Really? (Looks at the map)

(Kanisha sees how Penelope looking at the map and looks around her)

Kanisha: You like this place?

Penelope (acting cool): Well, it's okay.

(Kanisha smirks, then hops wall to wall, leading upstairs and Penelope follow her)

Penelope: She seems rather chill.

Kanisha: I am.

Penelope: So, where are your friends and family?


(Kanisha stops by the stairs with her head down)

Penelope: Don't tell me, you live alone.

Kanisha: I do, and I have no relatives.

Penelope: I'm sorry (takes Kanisha's hand) let's just enjoy the day, where's my room?

Kanisha (lifts Penelope): You are a kind woman, but I'm fine (runs up the stairs) also, my friends moved away because of their parents.

Penelope: School?

Kanisha (while running): Stupid government agents and the principal banned me, since my powers were unstable.

Penelope: Was it lonely?

Kanisha: (puts Penelope by the door) Nope (opens the door) I was watching and making YouTube videos, traveling all around the world and having fun.

(Penelope sits on a bed that has pink covers, red sheet, she looks around and see posters of movie characters, a bookcase, dresser, a big screen TV attached to the wall, and a table by her bed)

Penelope: I thought, I asked you not to read too deep into my mind.

Kanisha (on the dresser with glasses):I didn't, just read your file (shows a file) 

Penelope: Should've seen that coming.

Kanisha: Yes. Yes, you should've.

(Penelope kisses Kanisha on the cheek)

Kanisha: Your Welcome.

Penelope: Do you have a job?

(Kanisha jumps off the dresser, walks out the door)

(Penelope follows Kanisha)

(Kanisha's room is across Penelope's, inside it is a closet, dresser, swing, headphone on the dresser, bed with zebra-striped covers, a mechanical hand, cat bed, purple carpet, cartoon posters, movie posters, and anime posters; Also, gym equipment)

Penelope (looks amazed): Whoa!

Kanisha (looking at Penelope): Don't just gasp, come in.

(Penelope walks into Kanisha's room)

Kanisha: So?

Penelope: This place is amazing. But, What's with the cat bed

Kanisha: I have animal powers, and sometimes I transform in my sleep.

Penelope: Oh! Do you have fun with your powers?

Kanisha: Yes, also let me show me my job.

(Kanisha pulls a brown rope and the dresser moves and a door opens. Kanisha takes Penelope's hand and leads her through the door)

(Behind the door is a library that seems like a maze. This makes Penelope smile, and she runs all over and picks up books. Kanisha moves Penelope close to the end of the maze)

(Penelope sees a bookcase, with three shelves full of books, she grabs one and sees Kanisha's name, so she opens it)

Penelope: You're a writer.

Kanisha (with glasses): Yes, and I have a blog on YouTube featuring all books I wrote and my favorite story ideas.

Penelope (looking at the book): Okay (puts the book back) So, do they know your true identity?

Kanisha: Most of my YouTube videos of my books were before the incident, so some did, but no. 

Penelope: Did you tell them?

Kanisha: I haven't made a YouTube video for my books in a while, since I've been (walks behind the bookcase and throws Penelope a stapled paper) writing scripts, which became very popular.

Penelope (looks at the script): This is about a space princess that meets a demon and they go on crazy adventures. My niece is watching this show.

Kanisha (with glasses and looks into a book): I heard it's very popular.

Penelope: Yeah, her friends love it, they would visit my house and watch the episodes they recorded.

Kanisha (smiles sweetly): I'm glad 

(Penelope smiles as Kanisha smiles)

Penelope: So, I'm going to stay here, I'll bet it'll be fun

Kanisha: I agree, so are you hungry?

(Penelope's stomach growls)

(Kanisha runs downstairs with Penelope)

(Penelope is seated at the table in the dining room)

(Penelope sees Kanisha cooking after a second put her in the chair, and notice Kanisha is taller now, also she is not using her powers cooking, then sees Kanisha swinging on a tire and putting seasons in the pot. Upside down, Kanisha is mixing)

Penelope: She's so crazy, but at the same time she is suffering the most. Yet, she doesn't let it get her down.

(The episode ends with Kanisha cooking and starts singing)



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