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My true love control his time 

manage everything very well 

cut down the limit of texting, 

I’m always free he never free 

stab my back like a sword 

I'm never going to be happy. 

Do I ever want to get married to him? 

Do I want to break up with him? 

He always busy all the time 

my sweetie, you don’t give any time for me 

I thought you love me, 

I know everything is important to you

always go easy on you. 

Could you just please give me attention? 

Dropdown everything to talk to me 

you’re not taking me seriously

everywhere we go I just wish you, 

put your device down stop being busy 

focus on me. 

Do you know anything about the concept of relationship?

When you always look at your device and busy all the time it’s making me feel like I’m not an important topic to you, 

I’m freaking out right now 

never know you such a pain in the neck. 

I have many bad things to tell you 

I don’t have the courage to tell you by text. 

Wouldn’t you understand I want you to be present with me, 

you never know how I feel 

I don’t know if I want to keep going forward with you. 

I know you really love me very much 

it’s didn’t mean you couldn’t do this to me 

you’re busy like a bee you never free, 

I know we been video chat for a few days 

texting with each other sometimes a long time. 

How could you always busy like a beaver? 

Sometimes we text message with each other short period of time you cut the limit of texting 

make me feel outraged, 

Could you just do nothing for a few days? 

Put everything aside focus on me 

every day is getting worse 

stop what you’re doing. 

I want you to have focused only on me 

it’s that hard you have hurt my personal feeling, 

I don’t want you always checking on the device and being busy all the time just focus only on me. 


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    Apr 26, 2020

  • Apologize for asking this do you all have any advice for me on my recent new poetry?

    Apr 26, 2020

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