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Steve was in foster care for 21 years until he could get on His own feet, and he was faithful to church and He knew Sunday School stuff.  Something was missing for 21 years he longed for that father that people had.  He lost His mom, and so all he had really was foster care for many years.  Well one day He went to church and the pastor spoke on a "Father who knows you.". He listened and the pastor spoke on how the Father would wrap up the sheep in His hands and calm that sheep when it is afraid. 
   Just like us our Father holds us when we are alone.  Steve sit back in the back crying while the pastor talked.  Well on that Sunday night He said God you are my Father arn't you?  God your the only one I have in my life I got no parents and all I have is this apartment.  He laid down and went to sleep and Steve dreamed that he stood on sand of Bethlehem, and A man in a white robe came and grabbed his hand and said follow me.  They walked down the sand and while they walked Steve saw drops of blood in the sand. 
   With every step there were drops of Blood.  Then the man led him to the Mountain and infront of Steve stood a cross where blood was running down.  The man said your Father loved you through these 21 years; you had a Father watching out for you.  The man sit by the cross with Steve and said never were you Fatherless; I was always watching you.  Steve in the dream cried on the man and said thank you for being my Father.  
  Steve woke up that night and He just cried on His bed and said Jesus you are my Father, and that's all I need.  Friends remember our Father is always near us and He is always looking out for us even when we can't see Him; He sees us; even when we are so alone just remember someone is your Father and someone cares for you.  Someone will come and say Hey  I died for you and I love you, and I am forever alive.  Don't ever think your Fatherless because your not.  God is your Father and God loves you my friends.  That is the best Father you could have in your life.


  • Great writing.❤

    Apr 26, 2020

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