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A thief that comes in the appearance of something sweet
It crawls into the heart, body and soul
It runs through the blood vessels like it's what you must always survive on
Its absence leads to something related to hypoxia
You feel like life have left you until you get to see it again
Tears rolling down your cheek like a child that has just being flogged
Insanity in disguise, everyone taking their distance
Pacing up and down, like your world is about to crumble
The big bang theory taking place in your head,
Your heart pounding so fast, a cardiac arrest on it way
Shivers all over your body,
Your temperature spikes quickly, like there's an existing virus in your system
Sweating profusely like the horses do, requiring rapid onset and efficient heat dissipation.
Anorexia sets in and food becomes filth to you.
Fighting so hard to be yourself but your neurons would usually fight back
Neural impulses "we want it" are sent to the brain
Psychopathy begins, seconds, minutes and hours.
The sanative mind going back to its state of grime
Alas! what makes you happy is here
Seeing it is enough to put you back in the state of equanimity
The neural impulse "I'm here" is communicated to the brain.
The sweat disappears,
The pounding heart becomes regularized.
Everything about the body system goes back to normal.
Just at the sight of the thing, the body is refreshed.
At this point, you feel on top of the world
This alone is enough to quench every thirst and hunger that might want to surface.
Eventually, you've done what you used to do and you're back to your right senses.
You wish you never went back to it
You wish you never saw it.
You couldn't help but do it.
It's not your fault but you needed your cravings
Not just your cravings but what you've become addicted to.
It's not just an addiction, it's a tolerance and a dependence
It has formed a habit that takes only time to be remolded.
Addiction is not easy to fight
As you must also fight the entire body system
How best would you do this?
Behavioral therapy and counselling is essential
Medication and drug-based treatment should not be left out
Medical devices to treat withdrawal
Treating related psychological factors, such as depression
Ongoing care to reduce the risk of relapse
Give the victim a lot of time to heal
Gradually and consistently, reduce what they are addicted to
Keep an eye on them and wait for them to get over it
With time a victim becomes a VICTOR


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