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Being helpless as I watch people die
Hearing their screamsand the mournful cry
Is to. much to bear-with TV it’s like being there
As an EMT for sixteen years
I saw my share of birth and death
But nowhere in my wildest imagination 
Could I of invisioned a horror like this
And what those health care warriors
are going through 
With double and triple shifts - unable to hug and kiss their families 
In many cases under staffed-under equipped 
Overwhelmed but still persist
Helpless to save so many lives
Despite their efforts to keep patients alive
History will deal with the countless inviduals
responsible for causing more deaths than 
necessary because of lack of courage 
and leadership
We all will carry the scars of this killer as we
eventually return to normalcy 

The front line heros and the grieving families 
may never recover completely from this trauma
We can only be grateful that they were there
and they gave their all


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