Kaima's Adventures Book 3 Chapter 5 Read Count : 56

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Sub Category : Science Fiction

Dear Journal, it's Mina Amadell, I'm in college picking out which career I would like when I bumped into a woman named Samlina.

Samlina works for a publishing company and she is offering me a job.

Lily is happy, but she is still crying a little.

I hug her and says 'We knew we wouldn't work at the same place, but that won't change our feelings.

The story starts with Mina walking in the hallway, when she sees a woman wearing a blue work dress and blue heels.

"You remember me?" asked Sam.

"Of course, did I get the job?" asked Mina.

"My boss said your resume was flawless, so yes", said Sam.

"Perfect", said Mina.

"But, before I hand this paper, I want to make a deal", said Sam.

 "What?" asked Mina.

"Can you be my friend?" asked Sam.

"Sure", said Mina.

Sam sets up a portal that takes them to a building.

Sam and Mina walk through the hallway, as they look at a list of people that work with Sam.

"So, when should I start?" asked Mina.

"We always start immediately, follow me to your office", said Sam. "Mostly what you have to do for the week is file papers".

Two buildings ahead of Sam's work establishment.

Marvin and Annabelle are by a bunch of college students that are artists.

"So, you're the new owner?" asked the man.

"I know we are young, but we hope to bring light to this place", said Annabelle.

"I hope you like this", said Marvin, showing his sketches.

"Was that your work?" asked A woman.

"Yep", said Marvin.

"Whoa!" exclaimed the group.

"So, anybody want to see a demonstration?" asked Marvin.

The whole group agreed.

Marvin draws a group on a canvas.

The students follow Marvin's steps.

"Remember, use your own art style", said Annabelle.

In an abandoned building, Jasmine is putting up items to help make clothes.

Kina puts up mannequins.

"I can't be sure we're really setting up a clothing store", said Jasmine.

"Me either", said Kina.

"I agreed to it", said Lily.

"That's because you believe in me", iJasmine assumed.

"Well, I don't have a job besides I love fashion, so I guess about", said Lily.

"That's great", said Jasmine.

"I got a message from Aria, that Rose and Steve are traveling around the world", said Kina, showing her phone.

"Seems everybody is moving on", said Jasmine.

"I agree with what we are doing by making our own business", said Kina.

Kina, Jasmine, and Lily work together with a few other people.


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