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Dear Journal, it's Neddy, the brother of Nia and an excellent shooter for the FBI agency.

I love art, I have a few artwork in a museum, I always have a smile on my face, that has to do with my transgender girlfriend Jake.

Jake works in the enemy agency, so the only chance we get to meet is at a coffee shop.

We first met during my art expo, he saw me introducing my artwork and he took me into the alley after I said goodbye to my fans.

Jake told me she recognized me as the shooter from the FBI agency, but instead of capturing me kissed and said I'm her boyfriend now.

Through our encounters I figured out that all the people of the enemy agency grew up in an orphanage, none of the people really show emotions to each other.

Jake loves art too, which is why in secret she makes manga.

Our love of art made it easy for us to get along.

We officially said 'I love you' to each other after Rose left the enemy agency.

So, up to this day we have been together even during the magic incident we kept in touch.

The story goes to Jake running in the sidewalks, while Neddy is waiting at the door of the coffee shop.

"Jake!" called Neddy, waving at Jake.

Jake hugs Neddy and they kiss.

"Crazy stuff has happened, that we've barely been able to talk", said Jake.

"True, how's it affected your agency?" asked Neddy.

"Well, since we kinda have a scientist that caused this whole thing to happen, we were pretty busy making sure our place was magic proof", said Jake.

"Did you guys really have to kidnap Kaima and her friends along with her sister and her sister's friends?" asked Neddy.

"Aria wasn't going to harm her, just needed her DNA", said Jake. "My sister wouldn't harm a fly, sure she may go in way over her head, but besides that she's really kind".

"I know I was there when she explained that Kaima is stuck in a cave protecting an egg that gives her immortality, and if she fails she will die", Neddy remembered.

"So, what do you want to do?" asked Jake.

Neddy gets out a red duffle bag, and unzips the bag.

In the bag, Neddy reveals that he has outfits, glasses, headphones, headbands, and other accessories.

"We're going on a trip", Jake smiled.

"Yup, there's a tour of the Eiffel Tower and the museum of ancient items", said Neddy, showing pictures of Paris and a museum.

"That will be great, we haven't been on a trip for a long time", said Jake, hugging Neddy, while looking at the picture.

"I know. So, are you ready to go?" asked Neddy, with a smirk.

"Of course, but we might get caught, remember last time", said Jake.

"No problem, I can help you too", said a mysterious voice.

Jake and Neddy look up and see somebody with long hair, wearing a brown trench coat, sunglasses, black dress, black gloves, and black heels.

"Sup, bro", said the person, then took off her sunglasses.

"Nia, what's up?" asked Neddy.

"I came to help you, I happened to see your picture", said Nia.

"Guess I wasn't that careful", said Neddy, with a nervous smile.

"Nope, you better be glad, Jennie didn't find it because she would tell the boss, and you would have to break up", said Nia. "But, enough talk, let's go, I'll pay for your coffee".

"No need, all our drinks are on the house", said Jake, waving at the employee.

The employee waves back at Jake.

The employee reveals long silver hair, brown eyes, wearing sunglasses on his head, green shirt, black pants, and white shoes. His name is Sunshine.

"You're leaving, Jasabelle", said Sunshine.

"Yup, thanks for the coffee", said Jake, holding Daddy's hand.

"No prob, anything for you", said Sunshine.

Sunshine blows a kiss.

Jake giggles as she walks out the door with Neddy holding her hand and Nia follows behind them.

Outside, Nia with her sunglasses, hands two tickets, and says "I have tickets for you, these tickets are electronic, it's made so you can't be found".

"Thanks, sis", said Neddy.

"No prob, also you owe me a movie night, have fun you happy couple", said Nia, then ran away, while waving her hand up.

"Let's have fun", said Jake, with a smile on her face.

Neddy opens a portal, Jake takes Neddy's hand and jumps into the portal.

"So, what do you want to do?" asked Neddy.

"The museum first, let's go", said Jake.

Jake leads Neddy to a museum.

Inside the museum, there are many ancient items around the place and people are looking at it with smiles, confused faces, and others are just talking.

Jake smiles as she sees all kinds of stuff, she even gets to hold a staff, a spear, wearing a crown; and Neddy takes a picture of Jake.

"Neddy, come with me, I saw something that would look perfect for you", said Jake, pulling on Neddy's shirt.

"Okay. I'm coming", said Neddy, as Jake pulls him away.

Jake and Neddy go further to the back of the museum and they are dressed as a queen and an Egyptian Pharaoh.

"You look like a great Pharaoh", said Jake.

"Thank you, say Jake?" Neddy smiled. "Yes, do you ever think of changing your name?" 

"Yes, but my parents have control of my flower ticket that controls my name change, well, get it changed legally. It's still hard to be a transgender, anyway", said Jake.

Fixing the tension, Neddy kisses Jake, stops, and smiles, then hugs Jake and says "I love you".

Neddy follows Jake who's hopping around from place to place and enjoy themselves.



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