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In the middle of storms I showed not my back
The muscles shattered,veins shrink and the bones crack
Inside the darkest pit I found myself alone
I surrendered not and swallowed the cyclone
I cried for mercy but the heavens stood silent for long
The mind whispers ill but the heart goes on 
These hardships,oh my Lord were blessings in disguise
Useless is my strength your slave is of no use
My repeated faults make me feel low
It's your mercy who make my face glow
Infact the tests of patience were not easy
The meals tastes sour and the rewards were cheesy
I failed many times while walking this path
You hold my hand and strengthened my faith
My worries reach no where,oh my Lord
For my prayers have crossed the boundaries narrow and broad
Disobedience in a trial means death to a living soul
Patience is the need,prayer a weapon and victory is the goal
A few of your slaves found you at the station of kun
For they endured what others failed to earn

Muhammad Aamir khan


  • Mar 27, 2020

  • Outstanding! 💜

    Mar 26, 2020

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