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Alessandra's Pov

It was an early Monday's morning, I woken by my alarm ringing loudly.I pressed my fingers to stop the ringing.

After sometime of laying on the bed I suddenly woke up and remembered i have an interview to go. I suddenly rushed to the bathroom and took a quick shower and wore my dress and put some lotions on my body. After having a small breakfast which contain of coffee and sandwich I hurried locked my door and hailed for a taxi am lucky I got one early or else I will be late for my interview. I was suddenly removed out of my thought,when i reached the coffee shop where am going for my interview. I hurried entered the shop and was greeted by the sweet scent of coffee. I saw a woman who was serving a customer and asked her.

"Hello please I'm looking for the manager". I said

"And who are you". asked the woman.

"I'm Alessandra I came for the interview".

"Oh sorry I remembered you now please take a seat on the vacant chair, I will reach to you shortly after am done with the serving". She said with a smile

"OK" . I saud

I went to sit near the window table and was looking outside and a coffee was placed in front of me, I thanked the waitress. I was tapping my feet,i was feeling nervous, I hope I got the job, I thought while still tapping my feet I always do that when am nervous.

Suddenly my though went through this past few months of my dad's company, who lost a lot of money, And some will ask why did I not follow my fathers step I don't like business and I hate maths I like drawing and cooking so I was never interested in business and am the only child of my parent.
Suddenly I was removed out of my thought when the manager called out to me.

"You must be Alessandra right?". Said the manager.

"My name is Jessica Williams". She said while taking her hands out for a handshake.

"Yes and I came here for the interview I hope I have not been replaced." I said with my voice which sounds nervous.

"No we are in need of waitress I hope you know how to serve right". Said the manager with a Stern voice.

"Well I need to check your CV and whether you have a good background or qualified for this job".she said

"Sure you can". I said removing my CV from my bag and gave it to her. She checked it whiles humming.

"After checking your background you have no criminal records and you are good at cooking, but our cooking position is all ready filled we only need waitress if you are interested then you are hired".

"Yes I am interested" I said with a
Nervous smile.

"So why do you need this job Miss Martinez". Said the manager.

"Ma'am you can call me Alessandra, I need this job to help my father with his debts that is why i first applied for this job". I said

"I hope you won't cause any trouble here right, and I don't need lazy people who always give excuses and always be punctual and don't come late cause I dislike when people are late for work".
She said with a Stern voice.

"Yes I won't cause any trouble and will always come early". I said  with a straight voice while making eye contact with the Mrs Williams.

"Ok here is your T-shirt and hurry up the customers are coming in". said Mrs Williams.

I hurried wear the T-shirt and started serving the customers,They were just coming in because it was early morning.

After serving them my feet was killing me and I sat for lunch so I, I heard my phone ringing. I saw my dad's number flashed on it and I picked it up.

"Hello dad". I said tiredly.
"Sweetheart, what is wrong? Are you alright?". My father asked worriedly.

"I'm great and you". I said trying to make my voice normal.

"I'm good and you have forgotten about your old man and you did not visit me all this month are you alright dear".He said sounding worried.

"Yes dad I'm fine dad you know I have been hunting for job so I was always busy, sorry dad I will try to make it up to you".I said smiling.

"I was just pulling your leg your mom sent her greetings to you" .he said while laugh.

"Tell her I will try and visit her".I said trying to figure out how my mom would scold me for not visiting her. I love my mom with all my heart and soul. We look alike I just have my father's blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Ok dear I need to talk to you if you are free today can you come home I need to discuss something important with you".he said sounding upset.

"Dad is everything OK". I asked getting suspicious. Because Dad never calls me until it something important.

"Yes everything is OK will you get some time for me today".He said trying to cover up his worried voice.

"Dad are you sure everything is alright at home cause you sound worried". I asked trying to get it out of him.

"Yes dear everything is fine just come home and I will tell you about it".

"Yes dad I will, I just got a job today so I will come at 7pm".I said.

"OK see you soon bye kidoo".

"Bye dad". I said while hanging up.

What is so important that dad wants to meet me I hope is nothing serious. I hurried finished my work today and said bye to the manager and went home. I took a long shower and wear my dress and hailed a taxi to my fathers house.

Hello everyone thank you for reading my story I will appreciate if you like share and comment And this is the first chapter of the book I hope you like it pls comment vote and like pls love you all and have a great Tuesday morning


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