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Do you know how the expatriate feels after family and friends?
No !
So I will admit it to you because of curiosity, you always wanted to know it
Like any Moroccan youth, I grew up a child with a good family, eating and dressed a father, mother and two brothers
I studied and succeeded. I fell and got up. I moved from neighborhood and street to city to city so whenever a friend or someone asked me now about my city I say this and that and that
how is that
I grew up with my grandmother, the sincere love that I have always loved since my childhood, she was the apple of my eyes so I was like that for her until the will of God, as much as she passed away.
I think so everyone has someone
That was my grandmother, this is my mom, and everyone in all.
A primary school in Yusifiya passed the Mediterranean with a study and saw my father move to the capital to practice his work as a soldier. That was my first start to me.
A new city, a new school, and looking for new friends
I was not fortunate to continue my studies by me
There are many reasons for entering this topic, so I will go beyond the idea that I was a failure or a useless idiot. I think I was the exact opposite of that, so I decided to quit school and join vocational training for a profession that might be of use to me.
That was the idea, I think at that time, I decided to move with my aunt, I entered the vocational training center, and the priority is the right choice for a department. I think I decided that I would study in the Electricity Division. .
Perhaps this is God’s will for my life. There are important things implanted in the nature of every human being, which is to hope for happiness for himself. He likes to be successful scientifically, socially and materially. He loves to be a family man who lives a quiet life misled by feelings of love and mercy.
So did each of us achieve what they hoped for from all this.
Sometimes I remember some of the things that I neglected and ignored as a child, perhaps it is the reason for my misfortune now, but I always return to God and say thank God, praise be to God for everything.
The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, says ("Be optimistic, you will find goodness").
The word optimism and hope there is a continuation of the time ..
I will make my future and I will fight for it. My will, whatever I have a lot to do ... and this is what I will do.
I passed the final exam in vocational training and I have two certificates so I will search for work now hahaha unfortunately you know the policy of my country the policy of my government I will recognize you with that
There is a famous philosophical saying that you want to work, you need experience, and you have experience, you need work ..... How can I do that !!
Maybe there is another way to pay you for your work
God has a good word for you I love saying it to the corrupt ... The devil of the jinn is afraid of the verse of the Holy and the demon of mankind is afraid of losing the seat
I struggled, struggled, nothing new, age passed, and I still had a great burden in my family. I fell asleep and ate indefinitely. I was not lucky to join the army.
You know what is luck. You go four or five times to join the army and do not accept
You know what is luck. Whenever you knock on the door of something, you are not lucky
You know what is luck. The simplest things that you wanted to achieve have not materialized
This is my luck, and I said my trick was crying night after day, day after day, I wished a little, my Lord, and nothing else, so all my wishes and my dreams were all up to God ...
I lost my way, and the time passes, sometimes I die at my aunt, and sometimes I return to my family between here and there.
Depression, anxiety and stress increase day after day, Lord, what shall I do?
I got lost like this.
One day, my father returned from work after retirement.
He fell in business, and his rib was broken. You know the feeling of your father, that the head of the family suffers in front of you, and the breadwinner is very bad.
He will not return to work after three months, so I had to enter his place to work until his recovery. I started working for the company that specialized in exporting and importing fish from or else ....... Spain
I don’t think it was a tiring or tiring job, not quite the opposite. Maybe I aspired for something more than that. This is my life and my view of the world other than that my father drew for me once days and months. After my father’s return to work, I also worked in the same company for a year or more in which I traveled to several cities In Morocco, I discovered things about the world of work .... It was the first time that I took responsibility for myself and then sometimes my family ..... I tested several things until I did not study anything about them. I took up several places and several jobs in this company.
It was mostly accounting and auditing (statistic).
On weekdays, Saturday or Sunday, I travel to my maternal aunt in Casablanca. Sit there to change the atmosphere and work routines. Also some friends know that well.
I go out Sometimes sit with friends Latest news on something new Most of the friends of friends have migrated or most of them are preparing for where there is a temptation to escape to search for the best for a future As long as many young people immigrated to Germany how long that.
The idea started with my head, and every week I received a lot of information, how do you migrate, how, where, etc.
I started collecting myself and a lot of information there, teasing in Turkey for immigration and entering Europe
I was not ready for that and I had no idea about Europe and I never thought that I would immigrate to Morocco for four, five or six years away from my family, especially my mother ... a feeling that you will not know until you live
I accepted the idea of ​​immigration to stay away from everything, and also my mother.
Come on, the promised day. I'm going away to find the unknown ...
I booked a flight ticket on 3/11/2015, at the time I was 23 years old.
The time for my flight to Turkey is 11:25 minutes. The time for takeoff and landing from the earth's surface is the hopeless homeland
For my mother, I will say, please me, and pray for me, my greetings to you, my greetings and regards to the Lord, after you, I will return someday not fear at all, my mother will do it, God willing
Six hours while I was away from a homeland, I always wanted to live in it and settle in it. Six hours, I kept away from everything from pain and suffering.
Six hours towards the unknown.
Ataturk Airport


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