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I'll slowly be dying with or without you here. Because we know we can't go on like this. All of the fighting and arguing is finally setting in, its like we're suffocating, or drowning blinded by the mist created by these tears.
There is something missing in our lives, this ain't love this is getting by. We thought we found our true one and only, and that we wouldn't have to be lonely. Or atleast maybe stop all the searching for that person to have for eternity.
You was the one that stop my hurting, and for that ill be forever thankful. You was that someone who eased my fears, mended my heart and wiped away my tears.
But we can't just keep on smiling and waiting to just get by. 
Faking it from morning until we can close our eyes at night. Hiding behind this mask is crazy, a mistake we make on the daily knowing its to late to change it because we've become complacent.
We've created a mask to just live, but deep down knowing that nothing is real. 
Hoping one day we would be able to smile again, but until then we just have to pretend. Struggling to be friends, or even coexist love wasn't meant to hurt, not like this. But with all the bullshit i wouldn't have traded even a moment of it.


  • Mar 26, 2020

  • Mar 26, 2020

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