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I know my own family hates me they treat me like I am nothing to them every day that how I know they just put up with me they really hate that I am part of this family if they hate me so much why don't they let us move out if they hate me so bad oh that right all about the state money I get for living with them that money dosen't always get what I need she uses it for her bills and other things to so not using my state money my family hates me does to


  • Fuck a Greek salad, what very brutal and cruel conditions you live with i sorry for you , here my advice become a Professional Dominatrix and in few years to come you build your own private house with private garden and lovely Swimming pool for the Kids using Slaves money on a daily basis

    Mar 25, 2020

  • Fatima Rehman

    Fatima Rehman

    *Goddess Lynn Stuffenbreg*...thats some good advice...i feel so sorry for u...hope ur situation gets better...just never loose hope...k...

    Mar 29, 2020

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